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Dongfeng truck drivers: In order to survive, I have exhausted the power of prehistoric

Dongfeng truck drivers: In order to survive, I have exhausted the power of prehistoric
He said Dongfeng truck open a lot of money! But the bitterness of Kula Dongfeng truck driver who knows you? In order to survive, we have run out of power prehistoric!
Dongfeng truck drivers say good to eat! You know, sometimes the driver did not even meal.
To save money, we usually can only eat their own pickles, cook instant noodles make do.
In the dog days Dongfeng days Kam Hercules cab was hot and hungry, but what can I do?
A driver had to do as the Romans do, regardless of the combination does not taste, you have to eat, and then move on.
Whether it is cold lunch
Eating dry noodles
Or dry bread, you have to endure disgusting to swallow, or how there is physical drive? Long-term bumps, so gastroenterology become Dongfeng truck driver occupational diseases.
He said opening Dongfen truck accident prone! Why you can not say tired to rest? But you know what? Truck driver did not sleep too, a car two drivers, crowded together great summer heat of sleep, only to take a break in the driver's seat.
Two people, a person to sleep, a person very boring, sleepy come naturally, and you felt it?
Dongfeng truck drivers love to go say State Road! but do you know? We simply can not afford to take the high-speed!
These days, high-speed toll so expensive, to the owner of the cash and so little, there are several affordable for high-speed truck?
After a high toll, but also to pay Highways, originally shipped freight costs low, but where there is money to pay the fine?
Dongfeng truck drivers are most afraid of Highways, because the encounter road, they can no matter how hard you, they just want to find fault you fine.
Dongfeng truck truck driver refused to kneel down and beg them to let go.
There is the most troublesome driver policeman, saying it was "Uncle", but also cattle than Grandpa! If they encounter on the road, can be considered bad luck, there is no problem with the issue of fines must be it!
Open Dongfeng truck should not make money, but now even the Ministry of Information at us to start thinking about, going lira goods have eighty percent of the oil card. Dongfeng truck driver hands of cash I want a sports car no oil Caddo it!
Oil loading your prepaid card, but also the rest of the freight back to a single mail, within one month settlement does not say, but some shameless boss also shamelessly skin does not check out, just to point this Xia Sheng freight also have to let you find him, etc. find shameless boss is estimated to earn money spent, but also ride. Such things often happen.
Do you know we Dongfeng truck drivers for the loan, foreign debt, earn money to feed the whole family, all year round can not go home a few times!
We Dongfeng truck as their home, with their own youth to contribute to logistics and transport, freight industry has become a "bottom", anyone can bully us.
Dongfeng truck drivers who live you do not know it! I, as a Dongfeng truck driver, sad with what method you explained.

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