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Dongfeng Volvo products OEM in Brazil on April the first version will appear

March 18, 2013 08:01 source: Beijing nespaper author: Liang Jingjing

Last week, the reporter learns from dongfeng commercial vehicle, dongfeng and Volvo joint venture dongfeng commercial vehicle company will be listed in the second half of this year, basic to the original organization structure of the joint venture dongfeng dongfeng commercial vehicle under the framework of limited personnel is given priority to, sent in by Volvo. Cooperation of the first heavy card will make its debut at this year's Shanghai auto show, new car will be made by Volvo in Brazil factory generation of labor.

Or borrow the Volvo overseas sales channels in the future

According to the relevant person in charge of dongfeng commercial vehicle, dongfeng and Volvo joint venture under the first product will be a 13 liters of heavy card, the new car will be handed over to the Volvo plant in Brazil is responsible for the generation of labor, the east wind to Volvo's labor contract to pay fee. "In the future we also can consultation with Volvo dealers in Brazil, to borrow from their overseas channel sales this product, in this way, both sides resources complementary advantages, give full play to the making of dongfeng can very quickly to open the overseas market." The officials told reporters.

Actually, dongfeng dongfeng is the league and Volvo to realize its commercial vehicle is able to "go out" and build a bridge, it is also the east wind in negotiations cooperation insists the future of the joint venture products to use the deep reasons of the dongfeng brand logo. Hang of dongfeng mark products export in the future won't be limited to specific areas, and if Volvo joint venture product mark, cannot enter the Volvo has product sales in overseas markets.

Timely consideration in the commercial vehicle research and development center

Dongfeng company deputy general manager of east side, said in an interview with China automotive technology in electronic and electric control lags far behind foreign countries, thus to meet the high standards of developed markets is not enough. "In the future cooperation of both sides of new technology will be a Shared platform, the existing platforms, technologies and products can also bring it directly in production." In addition, "an appropriate time to set up the commercial vehicle research and development center" in Europe, dongfeng insiders told reporters.

According to dongfeng overseas strategic plan, by 2016 to 300000 vehicles, overseas exports amounted to 10% of own brand sales. In order to achieve this goal, dongfeng motor was established in 2011, the international division, the division with dongfeng its various overseas business operation unit which is connected with and push forward the strategic transformation of overseas.

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