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Dongfeng withstand high temperature and pressure of hard work to complete the task

During the high temperature maintenance, DFL equipment manufacturers around the production plan, in strict accordance with the "three implementation" (ie implementation of the project, the implementation of personnel, implementation schedule) seriously organize production and equipment maintenance and repair. From July 30 to August 9, a total of 2672 people Dongfeng equipment of cadres and staff remained at their posts. Which has 838 cadres and employees for trips Infiniti transformation, Huadu side contour line, contour side Zhengzhou, Dongfeng Honda small SR line, Dragon P84 \ P87 \ C84, more than 30 key projects went to Xiangyang, Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Guangzhou, Chengdu and other places, to provide users with installation retrofits.

In order to ensure safety in production, equipment manufacturing departments to actively respond to seriously implement the sunstroke and labor protection measures such as cold medicine and other reserve items sunstroke, regular paid to employees JDB herbal tea and a variety of sunstroke items.

Equipment factory director Wang Qiang, party secretary Liu Jianguo carried out into the production line condolences to sunstroke items distributed to the hands of every employee in the project after understanding the difficulties, the key nodes, the expected progress and other relevant information, to encourage everyone to high-quality It works to create value for customers, asking everyone to do to stay cool work. And site managers say, to make reasonable arrangements for working time, pay attention to rest, strengthen self-protection awareness and advocacy staff, improve the ability of everyone to prevent heat stroke, but pay close attention to employee health status and job situation, to ensure an orderly project advance.

As of press time author, equipment factory machine working part Weichai head automatic production line project, the project team under the careful organization, EQX201 project, EQX202 line user has completed pre-acceptance; EQX203, EQX204, EQX205 lines already have pre-acceptance condition; EQX206, EQX207 line is being assembled debugging. Meanwhile, the Ministry is also responsible for the assembly plant factory a shaft 59, an intermediate shaft production line before thermal automatically connect devices, Guangxi Yuchai 4F-sided horizontal machining centers and other projects assembly tasks. Overtime accounted for the plant temperature fortifications assault plan 58% of the welding work unit, through co-ordination arrangements, the proper deployment, the development of "high-temperature welding operation portion fake construction of fortifications staffing approach", Zhao Bing, Cao Xuhui, Liu Cheng, Liu Jianfeng, etc. a group composed of dry crack, respectively, went before the heat off Xiangyang, Wuhan, Chengdu, Guangzhou, stick to live one day. As of August 7, Wuhan passenger D27 reconstruction project of mechanical installation and commissioning tasks have been completed 90%, teaching and automation have been opened up, has passed two D27 BIW. Dragon TX9 project has completed the installation work, commissioning work spreader is an orderly way. Xiangyang Infiniti side wrapping line reconstruction project has been completed according to plan false front. Zhengzhou 591 projects successfully completed wire line cabin AGV strip frame and line body linkage debugging, automatic welding P32R40 vehicle test equipment parts and trim line three areas for mold robot teaching, quality, beat debugging. Automotive jobs section 288 Hino outlet shaft has successfully issued to pay the user site. For the whole plant and processing equipment in a healthy state,

During plant maintenance operations unit temperature maintenance organization crack, the normal supply for the entire factory production and living water, electricity and gas; energy use; quality maintenance renovation project stakeholders, special equipment safety management and high-pressure conditions, etc. arrangements, plan, to do the production, life support tasks.

At the same time the plant material, technology, technology, quality, security and other departmental staff at a high temperature during the holidays go to the scene to coordinate and solve specific difficulties frontline staff, installation and commissioning of the problems encountered and to guide the allocation of resources.

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