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Seminar Service Seminar held a new plan for Xi’an Cummins

Troops and horses did not move, forage first. In 2017, with the continued selling of Shaanxi Auto Cummins, customers made a higher demand for the service of Shaanxi Auto Cummins, therefore, aimed at finding problems, solving problems, enhancing customer service experience, 2017 Semiannual Seminar Xi'an held a smooth, from the 30 service providers to participate in this seminar, customer support director Cai Xian presided over the meeting, Xi'an Cummins general manager Yang Xiaodong, chief financial officer Zhao Binxia, ​​chief engineer Wang Huajiang attended the meeting.

  In the seminar, the general manager of Xi'an Cummins Yang Xiaodong made a speech, we unanimously dress up the spirit of Xi'an Cummins uniforms expressed appreciation, feel the atmosphere of the manufacturers of a family, while pointing out heavy truck market environment, competition, customer service on the Higher requirements and goals, so, after-sales service should take the initiative, self-improvement.

  Xi'an Cummins Customer Support Director Cai Xian from the customer support organization, the first half of sales, Xikang key market segments and other aspects of the introduction, focusing on the current understanding of the service issues, as well as Xikang parts, customer repair and claims process, Technical experts team, system docking, active service and other aspects of the improvement measures were described in detail, for the results, be sure, for the problem, frankly face, while the follow-up service work put forward new planning and requirements.

In the discussion session, the service providers talked about the new normal economic conditions, the survival of the service station status, as well as the current service problems Xikang, we all know nothing, talk endlessly, on-site discussion open, warm, have the development of Xikang offer advice and suggestions. In response to the problem of service providers, Xikang working group on-site to answer and record, while the future service planning also put forward their own views. Through the discussion, Xikang heard more from the front line of voice, service providers feel the integrity of Xi'an Cummins, so that the relationship between manufacturers is more like a blood thicker than the family, the only way, Xi'an Cummins can better serve customers.

With the symposium near the end, Xi'an Cummins general manager Yang Xiaodong made a summary of this meeting. Xi'an Cummins and service providers face to face discussion, common discovery of service problems and service bottlenecks, adhere to continuous improvement, comprehensively enhance customer satisfaction, will be the pursuit of Xi'an Cummins unswervingly.

After the meeting, some service providers visited the Xi'an Cummins parts total pre-library, zero distance contact Xikang parts distribution mode and process, the service providers in the parts packaging, distribution, logistics inquiries, the front library made constructive Views. The visit not only enhanced the service providers and Xikang aftermarket parts exchange and mutual trust, but also further narrow the distance between the service provider and Xikang.

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