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Fast automated production lines to manufacture plug in information technology “wings”

Fast Company accusing him of "intelligent manufacturing" way, to promote the unique Fast operating system (FOS), in manufacturing, logistics, warehousing management, and actively work to change the traditional way, with the help of information technology tools, Relying on information management platform and a large number of automated production lines, significantly increasing the production of automation and intelligence level. Especially in terms of robotic automation operation, Fast Company in 2014 we set up a special research team, developed automated production lines, to achieve a smart device from "buy in" to "build out" the great change.

Independent's first automated production line was born!

In developed countries, industrial robots automated production line equipment manufacturing industry has become a mainstream application development. As the automotive transmission industry leader, Fast Company has a strong product competitiveness, advanced production equipment and improve the site management tools. But the drawback is that the application sets of automated production lines than less. In order to meet the shortfall, strive for international standards, the company actively carry out innovative R & D Fast automated production line was established in 2014 to develop automated production line team.

The team set up six months time, they completed the first transformation first automated production lines. Project leader, told reporters at the beginning of the project, the team lacks experience, we examined a large amount of data, fully draw on the advanced experience of the outside, only the wiring transformation program initially identified the production line, and the selection of a domestic CNC RB series robot, designed and manufactured automatic loading and unloading station and installed fixtures code material, while the CNC machine tools for the mechanical and electrical renovation, completed between production line equipment and logistics streamline the exchange of information, such as design.

During development, the seven-axis robot to create a mobile guide is one of the most intractable problems. Six meters shift rail length exceeds the processing capacity of the existing plant equipment, if purchased products, price far over budget. After investigation and deliberation, the development team decided to test the water yourself moving guide the development of the robot.

This is a challenging task, large rail length, and total length of all welded, structural profiles itself is easily deformed after welding heat deformation more difficult to control. However, the final installation requires precision linear guides must reach 0.1 mm. Faced with this situation and processing equipment requirements, development team decided to standardize the rail segment is divided into three parts processing. From the beginning of the structural design, welding, machining, assembly and other sectors are closely monitored. After several weeks of effort, the first long rail standardization can be accessed at the site successfully installed. Immediately afterwards, the second, third …… are successfully completed in a very short period of time.

"This successful commissioning of automated production, making Fast achieved by a single equipment production to automated production lines developed by big leap, marking the Fast enhance the level of intelligent manufacturing step."

Fruitful prop up the "wisdom of the wing"

"With the continuous development of market economy, labor costs have become an urgent problem of development, we, as a labor-intensive industry, the use of industrial robots can automate the production of high strength before repeating replace human labor. This will not only improve product quality, guarantee personal safety, improve the working environment, and improve production efficiency, reduce production costs. "Fast company official said, the production line and the use of automated industrial robots, to bring significant benefits, now it has become robot-automated production method Shite powerful means of promoting business development company overall.

Fast Company recently came the good news, 6DS axis work area a fully automated production line successfully put into use. The line can be completed independent parts face milling, profiling roughing, finishing all the processes, boring, marking, etc., only one staff member in each class to the upper and lower tray and the machine code can be monitored. Tact convergence close, smooth production process, greatly improve the processing efficiency. After the actual calculations, the labor intensity reduced by more than 50%, processing efficiency by 10%, reduce employment costs by 60%. Labor environment has been good improvement, overall production organization more standardized, and the production line is stable, precise operation, to improve product quality to provide a guarantee.

An intensive exchange for rice warehouse full year. Up to now, the company has covered the intermediate shaft Fast, two-axis, bushes, deceleration wheels, seven self-developed fully automated production lines serve the production. Fast Company is to "point, line, surface" model, steady promotion of automated production, with sophisticated production levels of productivity and efficiency, always ready to beat the opponent, outperforming the market.

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