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Fast repair chain between the automotive industry and the 4S shop not adequately highlight the competitive advantages of each Source:

      Fast repair chain between the automotive industry and the 4S shop not adequately highlight the competitive advantages of each, by the side of public opinion to start, and later to walk around, swing, fast repair chain stores encroaching 4S speeds are not as fast, in fact, because the: automotive industry chain of fast repair and competition between the 4S shop is not sufficiently highlight their respective advantages.

      In recent years, fast repair chain services continue to erode the 4S shop, has been predicted, fast repair chain will replace 4S. September 2, China Automotive Maintenance Industry Association released 2016 annual Chinese automotive aftermarket customer satisfaction survey (hereinafter referred to Kahn investigation) display, fast repair chain stores encroaching 4S speeds are not as fast, even though the price of fast repair chain lower than the 4S shop, but there are still 29% of customers choose fast repair chain in the next maintenance will reselect 4S.

      A joint venture with the imported brands gap

      Kahn 2016 annual survey on April 1 officially launched, completed July 5, the sample covers 44 domestic mainstream brands and models, involving 50 domestic cities, less than 5 years the owners of vehicles purchased, all samples using a Interview form on one side, the survey by the local industry management and maintenance of the leading industry associations implemented to reflect the objective and impartial investigation, total annual sample recovered 27544 copies. Kahn 2016 annual survey is divided into two projects, one is authorized 4S shop for car manufacturers brands survey, the second is for the investigation within the auto repair chain industry representative 10 nationwide fast repair chain brands.

      Reporters learned that in 2016 4S system service customer satisfaction score of 86.89 points over the previous year to enhance the 0.37 points, imported brand remains the industry leader, but the pattern of change ahead, the gap between imported brands and joint venture brands has significantly narrowed only 0.3 points difference, independent brands is still some room for improvement, Lexus, Audi, Guangzhou Automobile Chi Chuan were ranked imports, joint ventures, own brand satisfaction first.

      Fast repair chain of Internet service usage rate

      2016 System of fast repair service satisfaction score of 87.83 points, the result is higher than the 4S system, the Xin Bao ranked fast repair chain system satisfaction first. Comprehensive comparison, 4S shop a slight advantage in the regulatory and human aspects, but the service at a reasonable cost of low index down overall satisfaction, fast repair chain system is the index score is relatively balanced, low no absolute indicators, relative service at a reasonable cost, convenience in terms of showing some advantages.

      4S system client survey showed the following characteristics: increase the impact of the failure rate of the 4S shop service customer satisfaction, more than three faults satisfaction will be reduced to 85 points or less. In addition, by expectant management can improve customer satisfaction weaknesses index owner, the owner if they can reach the service outlets satisfaction will be more than 80 points, deepen booking service will effectively enhance wait convenience of satisfaction levels, by appointment to the store in less than 34 minutes and not to make an appointment to shop the difference in satisfaction scores 3.5 points or so; before maintenance, service personnel through the initiative to inform or inform the owners of public charges, alleviating some of the owners for the cost of service and reasonable expectations of contrast, satisfaction will 84 points higher than when the absence of any informed, the satisfaction up 77 points.

      Fast repair system showed high customer Internet service usage characteristics, of which 44% of customers through online booking, 25% of users have used mobile on-site service, on-site service for mobile customers showed high satisfaction 88.9 points.

      Customer loyalty, 4S shop nearly two years of customer loyalty maintained at a relatively stable level (depth to maintain 41% recommended depth of 28%), the loss of customers (satisfaction were 84 points or less) the main choice of the repair shop and comprehensive fast repair chain, the proportion was 35%. In comparison, the fast repair system of customer loyalty (43% holding depth, recommended depth of 34%) is slightly better than the 4S system, but not outstanding, at the same time, select fast repair chain customers, 29% in the next time Select reflux 4S shop for maintenance. After a variety of formats coexist ecosystem in the automotive market, the owners prefer their own good-oriented, customer loyalty is not high single store.

      Only 9% of the owners considered pure electric vehicles

      New energy vehicles in obtaining high concern, but also become the choice for many owners redemption time, the survey shows that about 36% of the owners would consider hybrid cars, 9% of car owners consider pure electric vehicles.

      Internet service has been popular in the form of cars, compared with nearly 46%. Online booking is not only good for the car service enterprise customers drainage, while the owners get preferential. Cars must promote win-win model of Internet services more in-depth development.

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