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Focus on the key link set off a “security offensive”

In 2017, Dongfeng commercial vehicle into the high-yielding state. Reporters recently learned from the Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Assembly Factory, following the completion of 11538 production tasks in January, the plant in February plans to order 10187, March forecast plan for the 14198. In the face of the new spring to open the door, the plant will plant logistics vehicles, stakeholders as the most important task of safety management, adhere to the problem-oriented, highlight the problem link, the standard difference, the right medicine, strengthen safety management, set off a "security offensive" , Escort "high-performance chariot" safe and stable before the line.
In view of the characteristics of logistics vehicles and related parties, the plant requires the technical and technical departments to revitalize the internal elements of the resources, the safety of field inspection, security personnel for effective integration, focus on security warning education, and create a strict grasp of the atmosphere; According to the "management business must be safe" and "who is responsible, who is responsible, who is responsible, who is responsible for" the principle of the implementation of the relevant business side of the security department of the main responsibility for the security, and effectively eliminate the relevant side of the safety management process defects and loopholes ; Highlight the safety and control of the key and difficult, continue to carry out the safety of production risks "big investigation, fast remediation, strict accountability" special action to increase safety supervision and assessment accountability; in-depth security technical procedures to conduct special investigation, improve safety and technical support System, to strengthen the emergency rescue capacity-building, to enhance safety and security capabilities; require the operating unit to establish a strong sense of vigilance, a high degree of alert awareness, to deal with safety and production, safety and efficiency of the relationship, solidly promote high-quality safety assessment, And other safety focus work to promote the factory safety situation continued steady and healthy development.
In view of the heavy production stage of heavy production tasks, the plant proposed that the safety of the first thought can not be wavering, the safety management of the energy must not be weakened, safety management standards must not be reduced. To a more sober understanding, more sober minds, more effective measures, more pragmatic style to do a good job in safety work to ensure that the first quarter of production to achieve a good start.

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