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Foton Cummins Cross Country Rally Team set up to open a new journey

  In recent years, with the car cross-country rally in the country's extensive development, set off a cross-country boom, more and more domestic teams, drivers engaged in long-distance car cross-country Rally events, many teams frequently participate in international competitions, Into the ranks of world-class fleet.

  On April 27, 2107, the Foton Cummins Rally Team (BFCEC SPORT) was formally established and joined hands with GAZ, Foton Tunland, two international commercial vehicle manufacturers to compete for the annual international car Rally Racing, Foton Cummins Racing Racing Team by Russia Top team and Foton Cummins power system experts to build, using the Russian GAZ as a race car, Foton Tunland as a security car, and all equipped with Cummins ISF2.8 production diesel engine as a special event.

  On April 28, 2017, the Foton Cummins Rugby Rally Team started the opener in the 2017 Russian Rally Championship, the top Russian cross country rally event, as the first Chinese team to visit the Russian race, and the Foton Cummins Rally Team will be held at KAMAZ , GAZ and other international top teams on the same stage of competition. In addition to participating in the Russian annual events, cross-country World Cup and other competitions, the team will also participate in the 2017 Silk Road cross country rally.

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