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Foton Cummins ISF won the “2017 annual innovation application engine brand push award”

Trust comes from quality, quality from focus. February 21, 2021, organized by the China Truck Network, the second "Discovery Trust – China Truck User Survey and Selection Activities" awards ceremony held in Beijing. This award ceremony is divided into two parts of the vehicle and parts, including Futian Cummins ISF light engine with excellent overall performance, and ultimately the success of the "2017 Chinese truck users trust the light-fueled light engine" award. In addition, Cummins also in this award ceremony won the "2017 annual application of innovative engine brand push awards" award.

2016 in the implementation of the country in the background, Foton Cummins ISF business as a whole last year continued to rise steadily, continue to lead the high-end light truck power market. 2016 Foton Cummins sold more than 20 million units, including ISF annual sales of more than 150,000 units, an increase of 17%, Fukuda channel has become an important growth point of ISF. Fukuda Cummins ISF engine, as the world's leading power technology master, in the power, fuel economy, reliability, excellent performance, the award, can be described as popular.

Product power, the Foton Cummins 4-cylinder design of each cylinder to effectively improve the volume / ventilation efficiency, the central fuel injector layout is more conducive to oil and gas mixing, combined with high pressure common rail fuel system and Cummins International leading combustion development technology Effectively guarantee the machine can produce higher power and torque, the maximum power and rise in torque are in the international leading level.

Fuel consumption, in the same level of emissions models, Foton Cummins ISF engine using synthetic valve chamber cover and oil pan effectively reduce the weight of the machine, thereby reducing fuel consumption; the use of 4 valves per cylinder design to improve the intake efficiency and reduce fuel consumption; In addition, Cummins leading combustion optimization technology and electronic control technology combined with high pressure common rail fuel system applications greatly reduce fuel consumption, the engine can achieve the best fuel efficiency.

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