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Foton pickup TUNLAND with Cummins engine ISF2.8

As the first product developed by Futian Automobile for the global market, the extension is Futian Automobile and Cummins jointly developed the sixth generation of fashion cross-border multi-functional pickup, the continuation of the American pickup powerful, strong, energy efficient and durable genes.
The activities of the scene, Fukuda car promotion activities to attract a lot of users onlookers, sales staff on the extension of the brand, power, configuration, fuel consumption, etc. in detail, many people stop before the stage, listen to models to promote information, and after Q & A sessions are actively involved, active interaction.
Futian booth before, many people come here especially, "old" quality and reputation to the extension of the landers to become a lot of pickup users when buying the first choice, there are some people were Tuo Lu domineering appearance to attract, and a small part of the car Of the users of the Cummins engine showed a strong interest, as the only equipped with Cummins ISF2.8 engine models, the land in the complex pickup market is unique, leading high-end pickup technology also makes it a Chinese overseas high-end The main force of the pickup market.

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