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FOTON Ruiwo replaced with new VI

Recently, Fukuda Ruiwo have a new action, the product VI will be fully replaced, consistent with Foton, Beiqi Foton Motor relying on strong development strength, to show the full spirit, development and influence Rio Tinto "Rivoli" brand ʱ??

Throughout the history of the entire dump truck class, from 1910 the first truck was born, to China's first truck market, the Chinese market is not in engineering vehicle production and sales as the main truck brand, while 1999 Ruiwo engineering car off the assembly line, to fill the gaps truck market, the brand, the first car-based engineering truck brand was born.

Over the years, relying on Foton Motor Group Fukuda Ruiwo gold value chain system, based Ruiwo professional development, manufacturing, professional quality control, professional services expertise to create four major products with excellent quality, by coupling Cummins, France with disabilities special, Mercedes and other international brands to jointly build the quality of Chinese products for engineering vehicles use conditions of reliable, professional leadership, outstanding value, green and efficient, promoting the development of China's construction vehicle industry an important force. Especially since 2005 to enter the target market, Fukuda Ruiwo market sales and market share quickly upgrade the comprehensive competitiveness has leapt to the forefront of industry.

The replacement product VI, on the one hand relying on behalf of the Futian Automobile Group Ruiwo gold value chain system for users to create more high-quality truck products, to create the industry's leading brand of determination, but also the pursuit of corporate development. With the pace of urbanization construction in the heavy construction and road-based transport market to maintain stable development. Fukuda Ruiwo engineering industry as a leader, driven by the country IV emission standards and other policies and regulations, market demand-oriented, customer quality, safety as the starting point, committed to producing quality, reliable, professional leadership, values ​​excellence, green and efficient The product, replace the product VI is precisely what products to enhance a reflection.

The Fukuda Ruiwo just a simple replacement product VI, its entire product also has a comprehensive upgrade, including safety, comfort, reliability and fuel economy has improved, especially in the interior design is under Great effort, cab more comfortable, safe and upscale.

Ruiwo cab The new dynamic fluid appearance, unique graceful curves gives a fresh feeling. Cab dashboard straight plate styling, elegant design, reasonable ergonomic, exquisite workmanship, stylish, fully highlight the interior space, enhanced driving comfort. Upholstery with a new injection type full package interior, overhead file cabinet with wavy shape, refined and elegant, standard high-grade damping hidden glasses case, more humane, newly developed scientific and technological sticks Ceilings, full fashion technology ʱ?? Back sleeper sizes up 2050mmX588mm, high-grade aluminum curtain rails middle, stylish and elegant curtains, standard electronically controlled climate control system, to provide spacious and quiet ride occupant, open space, and bring the car class driving enjoyment.

On the comfort and practicality, Ruiwo product is also superior. Products using advanced domestic full floating suspension damping, and the use of international advanced technology lumbar adjustable, high-end 8-way adjustable seat airbags, ride comfort; in door design, the use of international pop, better vision Big Curved door, vision bigger, brighter interior. Practical, unique high-power shaped crystal headlamps, light-type good, high brightness, brightness up 45000cd (candela).

Fukuda Ruiwo in reliability products have significantly improved, product integration Foton gold supply chain resources, parts quality has been further upgraded, while Ruiwo vehicle uses lightweight design, through the application of high-strength materials, vehicle weight reduce, became China's leader in lightweight construction vehicles, vehicle fuel brings more advantages. In addition, the passive safety upgrades, high-strength body structure, overall stamping, forming through the front, side impact test. Equipped with ABS + ASR system on active safety, can effectively prevent manipulation of the vehicle on slippery roads and emergency braking, hard acceleration when the runaway phenomenon. We can say that through years of improvement, Ruiwo in product performance, configuration, comfort and other aspects of the product have been better than the benchmark, set a new image of the product.

Ruiwo product upgrade also brings a brand upgrade. Currently, Ruiwo mainly engaged in short-distance transport users and transport engineering tailored cost-effective, high customer value and popularity of professional truck products. It is with strong power, reliable quality, superior load capacity, to provide users with the best value transportation solutions, developed to achieve business expansion of its brand, covering light, medium and heavy three business, Ruiwo brand become Full range of engineering vehicles leading brands.

Meanwhile, in replacement of VI on the basis of more laid Ruiwo product brand philosophy, as diamond-like delicate "technology" cutting, the interpretation of "technological innovation" as the fundamental driving force of development, and this is Fukuda Ruiwo development cornerstone, in order to promote the reliability of the product quality and innovation, stimulate steady stream of power.

The new VI switching for Fukuda Ruiwo is both product competitiveness is reflected, is reflected Fukuda Ruiwo brand value, we believe that with the advent of a new image of the product, Fukuda Ruiwo the brand will establish a more vivid image of the industry, to further enhance the competitiveness of the industry, creating the industry leader!

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