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From quantity to quality, dongfeng commercial vehicle to advocate sustainable development

Facing a slowdown of China's heavy truck market, how to further enhance efficiency, promote the stability of heavy CARDS industry development, become the world's heavy card on topics of mutual interest. On November 17, the second international BBS of heavy vehicle is held in Beijing, dongfeng commercial vehicle, neville reach, scania and so on the famous heavy card makers both at home and abroad, with the state information center, China highway society, such as many in the industry, together with the surrounding "price, efficiency, technology and brand", the theme of discuss the heavy CARDS industry in our country the sustainable development.

BBS, Xu Changming think, director of the department of information resources, the state information center under the premise of sustained economic growth in the country, millions of units of heavy card sales last year is not vertex, heavy CARDS industry macro situation is still good. , general manager of dongfeng commercial vehicle Huang Gang think heavy card sales in 2011, both the withdrawal of government stimulus policies, is also the result of the heavy card sales 2010 overdraft, the decline in sales will promote market change from quantity to quality, is also a market rational regression.

Asian automotive information consulting company general manager Ashvin Chotai, points out that China's heavy card market downward legs may be continued until 2012, and even continue into 2013. The Huang Gang said market downturn is both challenge and opportunity, dongfeng commercial vehicle will be in accordance with the technical innovation, quality and brand, lean management, five strategies for transportation service industry and globalization overall improve enterprise core competitiveness, efforts to achieve sustainable and stable development of a "dongfeng dongfeng in China, the world" the brand vision.

Joint venture for eight years, dongfeng commercial vehicle from product planning, research and development, procurement to manufacturing, marketing and service of the whole value chain highly collaborative, manufacturing BaoZhangLi, product, marketing forces sunny one, management quality steady ascend. Under the condition of the market downturn this year, dongfeng brand heavy card in the first nine months of accumulative total sales of 140000 units, keep the first domestic heavy CARDS industry.

Today, dongfeng commercial vehicle from road transport vehicle manufacturers to highway transportation vehicle solutions provider role transformation, continuously improve product and service ability, create value for customers and differentiation competitive advantage.

And at the same time, neville company scania are introduced in the experience of the United States and Europe, and in engine and vehicle manufacture technology, the attention of experts attending the meeting. It is believed that, in the joint efforts of government, enterprises and society as a whole, heavy CARDS industry in China will change from quantity to quality.

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