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Fukuda pushing car customers “satisfaction” construction

Recently, foton anqing jin service, call center phone was told a henan book customer vehicles passing through the region, zhu village in chongqing highway broke down in Shanghai waiting for rescue, the car and 2 years old baby, the customer is very worry. Zhang Zuan adsense after know this matter, although is already 10 o 'clock in the evening, he immediately went to 100 km foreign site rescue decision. Lasted more than five hours, the customer vehicle back into service, and complete the repair of vehicles on the same day evening. The whole process, let the customer very touched, he said, Mr Fukuda's service let him very gratified. As Mr Fukuda users in the future no matter where, the in the mind can have a sense of security.

Foton anqing jin service director said, considering a full car power of the vehicle on the highway, are at risk at any time, although has been very late, we service station decided to immediately to the scene, it is a responsibility of the user, at the same time also is a kind of company service standards for Mr Fukuda, execution and implementation.

Worry-free service full love

Such rapid rescue in futian station almost every day now, it is understood that Mr Fukuda cars currently has the largest domestic self-built call center, 24-hour on-duty service, more than 5000 service network covering the whole country, to ensure the timeliness of customer service, and the most considerate service to customers. Foton Wu Wenjuan call center staff said, "in our reception by the customers, the majority of customer calls are with negative emotions, when everyone in the mood, need most is understanding of empathy, the appropriate comfort and efficiency of solving the problem in time."

Song Shushan futian automobile group services director, points out that Mr Fukuda car goal is to create the world's leading commercial vehicle service brand, by implementing the "three services, construction of four modernizations, all six big unification" service standards, to achieve "five one" service commitment to customers, namely "rescue safe, easy maintenance, parts easy, love, worry-free, integrity, safe", so as to pursue the maximization of customer satisfaction.

"In Mr Fukuda's development planning, always will be" user needs "as a core value, and continuously strengthen product quality and after-sales service, so as to improve customer satisfaction. As the core competitiveness of enterprise development", the relevant person in charge of fukuda said.

As a leader in the field of commercial vehicle products, category of the most complete enterprise, futian automobile not only on its holographic products took the lead in the field of commercial vehicles to achieve "full transparent service". Let users can enjoy in the process of maintenance service level of passenger car. Different product lines at the same time, respectively formulate the relevant standards of service. Foton Daimler ag's products ohman GTL founded the Chinese heavy card first world-class heavy card service standard, service standard "5 t", Mr Fukuda commercial vehicles easy club was officially all the way, Mr Fukuda car to all people? Car care include basic maintenance services and value-added services of international standard "one-stop" work style services, users and individual users for the organization to provide care in the whole process of the running.

Excellent quality of international standards
Different with previous years, this year is foton Daimler car joint venture operations in a week. Over the past year, foton through continuous integration of Daimler related resources, will truly, Daimler genes involved in the product research and development, quality control and improve service quality, will further upgrade service level not only, more with the technology of European standard connotation of the upgrading of China's high quality commercial value, and users won a good reputation in the market.
Indeed, futian automobile has been investing in strengthening the product quality, and formed a set of complete from r&d to production, high-tech manufacturing system. Reported that Mr Fukuda cars currently has 1 state-level enterprise technology center of engineering research institute and the focus of the investment of more than $1.2 billion in the domestic leading laboratories, research and development center in Japan, Germany, Taiwan, China, a total of 2180 to apply for a patent, ensure the quality of product positioning in the research and development level. Through advanced technology, make the world standard in the end product, meet the demand of more users of the car.
Upgrading of quality and service standards make foton public praise in the industry, also led Mr Fukuda car sales has increased, according to understanding, futian automobile in 2012 with 620000 sales of the no.1 commercial vehicle market again, and in the context of the entire industry downturn, the market share of 0.5%.
The personage inside course of study says, in the rapid development of globalization and China's auto industry under the background of society, promotion of customer satisfaction is the fundamental direction of enterprise development, China's auto industry needs to Mr Fukuda will such quality and service "principle, both hands to hard", will implement the interests of the consumers of the enterprise, and only such enterprises in the increasingly fierce market competition to develop steadily, we are looking forward to, Mr Fukuda car early realization of its international strategy layout and leapfrog development, guided China's independent brands to "the world".

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