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Have the strength and high end Foton Cummins escort “the Belt and Road” Summit Forum

May 8, 2007, the four-way moving freight forwarder Foton Aumark, Jiangling Motors jointly launched the swearing of the General Assembly, the common test preparation results, opened the summit forum cargo security service prelude. It is reported that the "one area along the way" international cooperation summit will be held from May 14 to 15, the forum a total of 28 heads of state and from 110 countries, officials, scholars, entrepreneurs, financial institutions, media and other people to participate The

Swearing on the General Assembly, the chairman of the move on behalf of Chen Jie on behalf of the enterprise commitment: Stone will be perfect to complete the "B&R" international cooperation Forum cargo security tasks. He issued a mobilization order to all the staff of the service forum: follow the command, on time and efficient, safe transport, dedication, be sure to the preparatory work and cargo security tasks to "foolproof." At the meeting, representatives of the freight management department to the four-way transfer to protect the banner, requiring four-way excellence, attaches great importance to safety work, to ensure vehicle safety, driving safety, handling safety.

As a high-end international forum, must have high-end products for its escort. China's truck network reporter learned that carrying the Foton Cummins power of Aumark may have been through the "national mission" of the refining, the achievements of the VIP-class logistics security car quality.

In addition, Foton Aumark is based on "China-EU car chain fit", integrated global wisdom resources, deep links Daimler, Cummins, ZF, Continental Electronics and other world-renowned car manufacturers leading technology, to adapt to Chinese cities, Suburban, inter-city logistics upgrade needs to build intelligent and efficient high-end light truck products, is the industry leader in the upgrading of emissions. Especially the Foton Cummins ISF series engine performance, it is in China's high-end light truck leader.

It is worth mentioning that the main engine parts of the series using high-quality international suppliers supply, by the Cummins global supply chain unified procurement, effectively guarantee the quality of parts. The engine uses the overall cylinder, cylinder head design, higher strength, higher stability. Five key systems are highly integrated and are integrated with ECM electronic modules for optimal performance. In the fully enclosed air-conditioning workshop using the robot assembly control all the bolt torque and other control requirements, B10 life of 500,000 km for more than twice the same type of machine.

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