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Heavy Duty Truck ace for five consecutive years to maintain export growth

International Markets Trump's heavy truck was officially formed in 2010, 20 years later than the others into the market, export enterprises only with technology and price. To the chassis, for example, heavy truck trump current customers more in Southeast Asia, South America, traffic complexity, a larger loss of the vehicle, while increasing the rate of a year of heavy truck vehicle than other cars ace up 5% -10%. ʱ??

"In mid-July, Myanmar 90 units ……" yesterday, China National Heavy Duty Truck ace Chengdu Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. (referred to as "heavy truck trump card") International Marketing Manager tax Queensland, are statistical in July this year before heavy truck ace received International orders, he told Chengdu Business Daily reporter surprise, just before this year's July total heavy truck Trump International orders will exceed the last year, "now has more than 1,000 trucks, while last year only 899 sets of export the amount."

Data show that heavy truck ace has maintained first place in Sichuan commercial vehicle exports this year, their new product line of heavy trucks W5 channel open international markets for the first time, the first 200 has successfully entered the Vietnamese market, executive vice president of the company Shijian Li told reporters in Chengdu Daily reporters, "expects full year 2000 vehicle exports, export volume of nearly 200 million yuan to complete."

For five consecutive years to maintain growth rate of 100%

July 6, heavy truck held a trump card in the heavy truck exports W5 Signing and delivery ceremony in Vietnam, 200 "Chengdu" in the heavy truck for the first time exported to Vietnam. In the domestic micro overall downturn in the heavy truck market in the background, with the advantage ace heavy truck engine, lightweight chassis and other aspects, to further expand overseas market share. Shijian Li analysis, since the beginning of last year, Vietnam imported second-hand truck restrictions, making Vietnam the demand for new trucks in the explosion, and on the Vietnamese market more than 20,000 vehicles trucks China, China's heavy truck brands have more than ten thousand vehicles, "demand large and brand awareness is high, this is an opportunity heavy truck ace, so this time we export the first batch of heavy trucks used tractor. "

And this is just heavy truck trump card in a number of overseas orders this year, "as the flagship product visibility popularity in Southeast Asia, received orders are growing."


Data show that in 2014 total exports of truck heavy truck Ace 899, the average value per vehicle is $ 10,000, the same calculation export value of nearly $ 9 million. This year this figure is expected to achieve significant breakthroughs, Shijian Li told reporters that this year is expected to export heavy truck ace can break 2000, but with a higher value W5-based products began to enter the international market as a whole is expected to be close to the value of 200 million yuan, "This value can hold heavy truck ace for five consecutive years of 100% growth rate."

Late start with technology to seize the market

He said lifting steam ace high growth rate of export tax 昆坦 words all this is not easy, "export started late, but the price advantage is not obvious." It turned out that the international market for heavy truck ace was officially formed in 2010 , then count yourself only three individuals.

"20 years too late into the market than the others, only with technology and price." Kun bluntly tax in the domestic similar products, heavy truck trump price advantage is not obvious, "We are more than just technology to cost-win." Tax Queensland told reporters that the current flagship product of heavy truck chassis and engine technology with other domestic brands unparalleled technical advantages. To the chassis, for example, heavy truck trump current customers are mostly concentrated in Southeast Asia, South America and other regions, traffic complexity, a larger loss of the vehicle, a year of other brands of vehicles hedging rate at 70%, while heavy truck can reach 75 ace % -80%, "so it is more than obvious advantages, so our market is steadily expanding."

Parts of Southeast Asia, South America and only heavy truck trump card to enter the international market outpost, heavy truck ace will make use of their advantage to open up markets in other countries, "fight in five years, the export volume of 15,000 units done."

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