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Heavy truck W5 Open Department of industrial tour

Heavy duty truck ace open industrial tour, aimed at to "go out, please come in" approach to marketing to dealers and customers close to understand the business, understand the product, strengthen the depth of cooperation, constantly cultivating the market, and then expand the broad market space.

Go out, the W5 system set off a storm of ACE

The heavy truck W5 system is a new product with the core competitiveness of the China Chongqijituan Chengdu ace since the restructuring effort to build a. The product is equipped with the world's top technology – German man MC07 engine, with high reliability, high comfort, high economic performance, is different from other similar products, such as the advantages of price, and other advantages by the market attention. In the face of commercial vehicle market is affected by the macroeconomic environment, fierce market competition, sinotruk ace innovative marketing mode, sit pins for marketing, to go out of the way, this year first half of the year successively in Ningbo, Shanghai, Foshan, Guangdong, to organize large-scale W5 heavy truck tasting will, on-site gains orders 600 vehicles. And in July this year to 200 vehicles large exports to Vietnam, market performance of extraordinary, set off by the Repeng market W5 system in heavy storm.

Please come in, W5 boudoir show beautiful connotation

First class enterprise to do first-class brand, brand comes from the rigorous product industry standard and the solid enterprise culture. "Family" is a well-known CNHTC products service brand, let the "family" often home to see is the original intention of the heavy duty truck ace industrial tour. Industrial tour, the first batch of Ningbo logistics industry heavyweights in heavy duty truck ace leaders accompanied, one by one carefully visited the heavy ace 012 new factory in heavy truck assembly production line, coating production line, welding production line, see Asia's largest and longest modern truck assembly line, a sense of by the robot modernization of production technology by means of information technology, "heavy was originally built", for each production process expressed praise and admiration.

Cordial exchanges in the travel industry forum, heavy truck ace leadership and logistics enterprises Mister who, detailing the W5 series heavy truck products technology, product configuration, product structure, market network and supporting services, each other on product market operation and so on various levels of in-depth exchanges. Through close contact and communication, customer representatives further deepened the reliance on heavy truck trump card products and understanding to the enterprise, have expressed the wishes of the depth of cooperation. Ningbo polymerization truck alliance Yang Xu, general manager in an interview with the news media said: CNHTC ace industrial tour closer to the distance of factory and market, enable us in the use of ACE products at the same time, understanding of the company, lifting the we had doubts, we trust heavy ace, our flag has more than 2000 vehicles logistics vehicle lineup, in the second half will increase the order plan, purchase additional ace heavy truck of 60-100 units.

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