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In 2020, Yuchai will achieve the goal of intelligent manufacturing

On 16 September 2015, Yulin Municipal Party committee secretary Wang Kai led the Municipal Standing Committee, executive vice mayor of Qiu Dekui, municipal committee, vice mayor Wang Xiayan and municipal government leaders to Yuchai research, the focus of Yuchai implementation of China's manufacturing 2025 action plan and implementation of excess production capacity, "going out" measures, understand the production and operation of Yuchai group. Report to the chairman of the board of directors of Yuchai group company leadership work Yan equality.

According to Yan Ping, Yuchai developed in three levels: "it, the upper part of the system, the development of intelligent system, smart factory planning conception, determine the macro objectives of Yuchai intelligent manufacturing company intelligent manufacturing. In 2020, Yuchai will achieve the goal of intelligent manufacturing.

In production and operation, at present, overcapacity is a problem facing the development of yuchai. To actively and steadily to resolve the contradiction of overcapacity, Yuchai only through the intelligent manufacturing equipment development projects, intelligent manufacturing special projects to promote the upgrading of products, through external cooperation of six major projects meet domestic effective demand, consolidate and expand the international market, efforts to implement the "go out" strategy. Yan Ping said that the six projects is Yuchai heavy class projects, Yuchai once again soaring wings, after the arrival of these projects, Yuchai will change.

Wang Kai heard the Yuchai group report related work, to understand the problems existing in the development of enterprises, enterprise development ideas, the achievements of give fully affirmed. He pointed out that in the current economic downward pressure continue to increase, the machinery industry overall situation is grim, Yuchai group grab seize the opportunity to maintain concentration, difficulties, showed a good momentum of development and many new highlights. The development and the development of Yulin Yuchai Yuchai is closely linked, is the focus of industrial development in Yulin. All along, municipal Party committee, municipal government attaches great importance to development of Yuchai, in the future will also be in accordance with the goal of "stronger Yuchai, consolidate the Yuchai group company, bigger Yuchai" support the development of Yuchai, boost Yuchai transformation and upgrading, do bigger and stronger, build an upgraded version of Yulin industry development.

Is Yuchai in this year, half a year and 45 during the development, Wang Kai stressed that one should adhere to innovation driven, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of Yuchai. Support enterprises to carry out major scientific and technological innovation projects, formed with independent intellectual property rights of the core patents and standards in key areas, promote the transformation of Yuchai intelligence. Two to adhere to market-oriented, deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises. Yuchai to combine oneself is actual, emancipate the mind, bold exploration, dare to try, seize the key point and the breakthrough point, and further increase to deepen reform efforts and maximize system efficiency, the maximum release of the reform of the bonus, out of a new path of its development accelerated. Three to adhere to open cooperation, the implementation of the strategy. With the same industry to establish strategic alliances, actively participate in the area along the international capacity to cooperate to promote the transformation and upgrading of capacity, integration advantages. Vigorously promote the construction of Yuchai industrial town, make enterprises landing as soon as possible, accelerate the construction of the benefits, as soon as possible. Four to adhere strictly from the real, strengthen internal management and supervision of enterprises. In accordance with the requirements of the "three strict real strict, to play the leading role of the party organization, group company, strengthen the supervision and management of enterprise internal and enhance the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the party organization. At the same time, Yulin city will also set up promotion of Yulin intelligent manufacturing work leading group, work leading group, the full support of Yuchai to accelerate the transformation and upgrading.

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