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IT companies seeking to build their own future standardization of smart cars

Whether Lobo box, or iVokaMINIX, are based on the on-board computer data analysis transmitter car OBD interface, through collaboration with the user's mobile phone users to understand the car APP solving, cost and safety of these three pain points, so that users can easily from know anything about cars to become a car expert. 

Automotive experts believe that the "host OEM manufacturers will not let you put this thing put something good ideas you pretend not to go, so a Dream in the current system to achieve it? IT this life is to give the car factory workers.." 

IT specialist for automotive application services believe that the future of the car as more transparent, more standardized, in the end who is controlling whom, who subvert whom, remains to be seen. 

In recent years, application of automotive OBD-depth features, major operators, software developers and automotive electronics manufacturer, and now will look into the OBD this application area. 

OBD or "OBD system" and its port can undertake immediate examination of the car and fault warning. Since 2006, domestic production of all vehicles have been asked to install the system. 

Fang was released before the Great iVokaMINIX, Lobo box, Autobot, Launch golo kind on the market, such as the "OBD hardware side + Mobile APP service" products are not uncommon. "Securities Daily" reporters learned, and Tencent Lobo boxes and smart phones using Bluetooth to connect different, iVokaMINIX through 3G networks and iVokaMINIX APP smartphone connectivity, consumers need to buy their own equipment to maintain the flow of packages. 

Such a plug-in mini intelligent traffic systems iVokaMINIX price 299 yuan. The product can easily help users achieve automobile collision alarm notification, precise position monitoring, previous stroke full record, condition instantly alert, professional fault detection and condition remote reading other six services. 

Reporter noted, iVokaMINIX condition can be remotely read information and have a more important impact reminder function, and this function must be connected to a 3G network can be achieved. However, iVokaMINIX current insertion OBD interface, and its models are applicable only 120, only 13% of the market in the sale of models. 

Networking winner race car car prices 

In addition to Internet companies to compete outside of the car OBD port, and almost all large state-owned multinational car companies have launched their own car connectivity system, are more representative of the BMW idrive, GM OnStar (onstar), Toyota G-book, Nissan Carwings and Ford's SYNC system. Just last week, Volvo innovation and technology in the form of sub-brand launch vehicle networking technology – Sensus Smart Car interactive systems. 

Side is the IT people shouting "Internet auto companies to reform life", while the auto companies who claimed that "this life is to give you IT automobile factory workers," then future of the Internet can subvert traditional car manufacturing firm? 

Du Jiangling believes that the automotive industry it is too far from the Internet, "was asked to do a OBD done a very good company, in addition to several open protocol interface, various manufacturers have proprietary interfaces you support? He was very proud to that we all cracked up. Whoever heard of USB interface requires deciphering the agreement? "

In this regard, should be advised to Fallon told reporters, "All the OEMs are able to crack the private agreement in Guangdong province, but we will not do some illegal things, we want to build a platform for OEMs themselves with." 

Should Yi-lun said that OEMs control the current era, as more transparent in the future of the car, more and more standardized, "Who's Who subvert" the answer is left in the future. 

In fact, this has been a lot of car companies began to use the Internet to build a business platform. Not long ago, Volvo also with Apple and Google Android Auto CarPlay have a cooperation agreement, which means that the future owner of Volvo Sensus and is currently available through the two most widely used smartphone platform interoperability. Volvo is not the first position open car prices, last year, Ford has opened its Sync Ap-pLink system and a programming marathon collaborated with Baidu, GM and BMW also claims related to the development and vehicle networking platform. 

"IT companies can not speak repairer is right, but we do not do chassis suspension, but the things that get replaced by someone else, a new state, we have to solve the user experience and product modeling, new materials and new technology problem. "should Yi-lun said," with the escalation of the internal network of the car, we can build a future on the same platform standardization own smart car. "

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