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“Veterans affairs” re-assumed responsibility,JAC Kai Bao Stone Services G20 summit
September 4, 2016 – the 5th, G20 (International Forum on Economic Cooperation) summit will be held in Hangzhou. At that time, President Xi Jinping will work with G20 members, guests and leaders of international organizations gathered in Hangzhou, around "build innovative, dynamic, linkage and inclusive world economy" theme plan for the future. As a leading worldwide conference, also adhere to the highest standards of select conference car.
August 24, 2016 morning,JAC  Ankai held a grand departure ceremony, 50 buses went to Hangzhou Kai Po Stone, becoming the G20 summit security service vehicles, as this is the "state affairs veterans" of Kai Po Stone following President Xi bus service travel and complete tasks 9.3 parade car, another car task undertaken major state events will provide participants distinguished guests, safe and comfortable travel services, show the national brand presence.
Based on a high starting point, "state affairs veterans" then this responsibility
As the world's most decision-making power of the summit-level economic forum, G20 summit meeting brings together the world's top talent, and each time held the attention of the world converge, this is a great opportunity to show the world the image of China was held in China. To this end, the G20 summit chose many Chinese own brand of high-end models, to show the world the power of China manufacture. However, not every brand can play a G20 transportation security mission, JAC Kai Bao Stone deep "background" so that it can successfully selected.
All along, Ankai is promoting the "Made in China" activists, is downright "veterans affairs." Two of the country, the Shanghai World Expo, the Davos Forum in Dalian, Beijing International Auto Show, Beijing Olympics, a military honor guard, UN peacekeepers and other major events again and again in JAC Kai Po Stone all have outstanding performance. It is thanks to a time of growing experience, high-quality JAC Kai Po Stone has become a major important activities an integral part of it.
September 3, 2015, the 70th anniversary of victory parade, the convertible version of the JAC Kai Bao Stone carrying war veterans glory by reading, parade task well done, this is the first time Chinese bus companies and national armed forces advanced on the same stage debut, demonstrating to the world "Made in China" style.
May 23, 2016, Kai Bao Stone officially Military Museum of the Chinese People's Revolution permanent collection, which is the National Military Museum domestic first own-brand passenger cars. "JAC Ankai can many car brands fierce competition emerged as the car parade, the parade and the successful completion of the task, not only reflects the Ankai strong technology and strength, but also demonstrates the national identity Ankai people." Deputy Military Museum Colonel curator Malin Jie commented Ankai quality strength.
Quality precipitation, leading high-end car localization
It is well known in the bus industry, targeted at high-end public and commercial buses, it has long been dominated by imports and joint venture brands. In recent years, national leaders to travel from the escort service military honor guard, from 9.3 to participate in the war by a military parade to the permanent collection of the Museum …… Bao Stone accomplishments "burst table," the rise of independent brands minibus foundation. Especially 13-14 December 2014, President Xi Jinping full ride JAC Kai Po Stone survey in Jiangsu Province, creating a national leader by independent brand passenger public business precedent, so that people renewed attention from its own brand of high-end commercial vehicle it is also a lot of people in the industry interpreted as leaders received official vehicles to domestic brands, is the national advocacy of national pride real action is another stepping bus localization reform.
"Heads car" who can not when, from inside to outside and even the details of the office must stand the test. Bao Stone coach after a decade of research and development, from the outset aimed at starting point, to master the key technology, already has stamped chassis technology, hosting all-metal stamping body, full-immersion cathodic electrodeposition three core technology, become the quality of the three security .
As a public business models, JAC Bao Stone dignified fashion and simultaneously, and innovative use of "car" design philosophy, is currently the only use of similar products bearing all-metal stamping body parts, car body structure with a thin, uniform light, strong features, to achieve the perfect balance of light weight and high rigidity, consistency and versatility vehicle standards high. JAC Bao Stone beautiful and elegant addition to the appearance of the intrinsic quality of the product is more prominent, with powerful, smooth shifting comfort, low fuel consumption, low noise, environmental protection and other advantages of the lightweight vehicle design, lighter than similar domestic products 500 800kg, comprehensive road hundred kilometers can be saved 4-5L. Especially in the continuous improvement of the system chassis, allowing JAC Bao Stone in operational stability, ride comfort, braking and vehicle noise control have the advantage.
In addition, JAC Bao Stone innovative use of shark fin fresh air means 15 minutes to purify the air inside the cabin again, providing passengers with a safe and healthy environment ride. As G20 car service, Bao Stone believes will bring the guests a great ride experience.
"Innovation" and "vitality" is an important issue at this G20 summit, also "Made in China" in the future development needs to think about, from the car to the conference, "President of the car," believes "veterans affairs" Ankai continue to bear China's passenger car "ingenuity to create" the development of the mission, to be creative, then this responsibility.


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