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JAC light truck become the first brand in Algeria

Algeria, for the majority of Chinese people is a distant and unfamiliar land. And in such a country, JAC rooted in the local market, growth, unknowingly spent more than ten years. In the process of opening up markets, JAC faced with international brands competing against the situation, have suffered vicious price competition from other brands. Nevertheless, the JAC or by virtue of excellent product won widespread favor of Algeria end users, a local market, light truck brand.

Relying on quality to win credibility

For an ordinary Algerian family, buying a light truck truck means to spend almost all their savings. So the choice of products, pragmatic Algerians will be particularly careful.

In 2008, an Algerian native, wanted to give the family money to purchase a car JAC, but the quality of the vehicles as well as suspected, so he began to trace the owners of another JAC, until the owners ran to see six or seven ten thousand kilometers , but after the car is not a problem, before deciding to buy. Now he has set up a transport company, has 18 sets of JAC. His son to school in China, the future he plans to open a Chinese JAC 4S.

Algeria's first JAC 4S shop

JAC light truck to meet the Algerians for a reasonable price, excellent quality of the light truck truck demand. It is by virtue of this advantage, JAC quickly opened the Algerian market. JAC and no fancy promotion in Algeria, but maintain customer brand loyalty through quality and service. Since 2011, Algeria has become JAC light truck market share in the highest brand, terminal sales among China's first car brand ranking. There are more than 6000 vehicles per year light truck exports to Algeria.

If you have time to stroll through the streets of Algeria, you can see the JAC products. It is full of crops or carrying the shuttle at various farmers' markets, or transport of raw materials and other building materials production of steel jacket back and forth between the various construction sites or factories, or wearing a well-known international brands, such as Coca Cola, Pepsi, TOTAL Oil Wait. In Algeria, the JAC is not just a car brand, which has been integrated into people's daily life, it is more like a sincere friend and reliable partner, it is simple and hard-working Algerians work together, along with the successful harvest wealth.

JAC to achieve such brilliant results in Algeria, in addition to excellent strength JAC itself, but also inseparable from JAC team in Algeria years of unremitting efforts.

Relative to other markets on the African continent, weak industrial base, information is extremely opaque, light truck customer product knowledge is lagging behind, so that makes it difficult to generate consensus when communicating with customers. Furthermore, the common language is French in Algeria, and in Algeria JAC market is only a small part of the staff is fluent in French, which will undoubtedly increase the difficulty of the work carried out.

To overcome these difficulties, in addition to enhance learning, improve their own quality, but stick with the patient is essential. Algeria responsible for the commercial vehicle sector Gawain Star since 2010 began serving the Algerian market, has been Gawain stars are responsible for adhering to the serious working attitude, to ensure that each work can be carried out smoothly.

Algeria micro card dealer responsible temper changeable, moody, many people have heard the discoloration. When Gawain star first visits to the boss refused to meet his day to wait outside the office. Night work when the boss found the young man still waited at the door, and that makes him into office.

Immediately, Gawain star will be in the most short time to its elaborated JAC product characteristics and advantages, after a protracted, high-Vincent finally moved the boss to determine the 1000 sales of large single for overseas export micro cards fired the first Gun!

JAC team in Algeria, there are many like Gawain stars such people. It was with their full range of care, JAC to achieve such brilliant results in the Algerian market.

Harvesting with a reputation

JAC Beginning in 2009, will hold a "JAC light truck terminal market Algerian National Marketing Service Month" activities on a regular basis every year. Service activities are free of vehicles maintenance and inspection. Due to substantial growth in recent years, terminal sales, service activities, users Everywhere to attend service activities are beyond expectations, customers are widely recognized.

During this year's "Marketing Service Month" activities, light truck owners MOUHANMUD repair the vehicle at the time, was introduced to the staff learned highlights N721 related products. With confidence in the quality of the JAC, Mr. MOUHANMUD on the spot decided to purchase five vehicles JAC light truck! You know, a month ago but the owners just buy the first JAC light truck. Those who come into contact with customers JAC products, will be impressed by the quality of its real deal.

"Service Month" is not a simple service, like a face to face communication JAC together with customers. By collecting issues and recommends that customers encountered during use, to improve product quality to provide an accurate basis. I believe that with the improvement of product quality, JAC, JAC will achieve greater success in the Algerian market.

Future, JAC will continue to adhere to the quality of the line, strengthening to enhance service system for JAC products in the Algerian market sales growth widen the road, lay a solid foundation for the JAC among the international brands.

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