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With the dismal performance of the market and the heavy card is not the same, the domestic light truck market in August to achieve a positive growth. August of this year, a total of 108585 light truck sales, an increase of 16.3%, monthly sales have a relatively warmer (July sales fell by 7.6%); 1-8 month cumulative sales of 1025743 units, a total of 10.6% decline, the cumulative decline narrowed (1-7 month fell by 13%).

However, that is, the Automobile Association of light truck data is included pickup,, therefore, the light card data in the production and Marketing Association news alone did not reflect…… Therefore, the next table can only see the big trend, some of the enterprise data is not accurate enough. I have a rough look at the pickup of the data, the August light card sales of about 88000, an increase of about 28%. Better performance, isn't it?

In fact, in August the performance of the light card market is more than expected, mainly because of the low sales base in August last year. As we all know, in May last year, four of the fake country, since the exposure of the fake country, light card market quickly fell into the doldrums, last August after the pickup truck sales volume is less than 70000, fell more than 30%. Therefore, in August this year, the monthly sales volume of light card, the market is slowly out of the trough.

Reporters that, after the first round of reshuffle in four times, the basic pattern of four lay. As can be seen from the table below, from January to August this year, the Foton light truck to 185460 vehicles cumulative sales of and 18.1% share, the industry ranked first, and with the second gap is still quite large. August sales of light truck sales increased by 26.55%, which shows that the old business card business has been basically adjusted in place.

Similarly, industry second JAC light truck 1-8 month sales volume is 117380 vehicles, the rate of 11.4% market share; in August year-on-year sales growth of 41.69%, that the enterprise product strategy has also put in place the basic adjustment, Kang Ling, Chun bell and handsome bell three lines being rapid force.

Third Jiangling Automobile sales in the data association reflected 110439 cars, but actually is not so high (contains more than 30000 pickup). According to Jiangling Automobile released in August sales announcement, Jiangling light truck 1-8 month sales volume is 71840 vehicles, an increase of 12.8%, while the top four enterprises only a positive growth of, but with the second name JAC light truck of the gap is still quite large.

Dongfeng D9 series

Dongfeng Automobile ranked fifth in the table, it is fourth (gold data contains lots of other pickup car varieties). Excluding the pickup and other vehicles, Dongfeng light truck sales in Jiangling after. Overall, Fukuda, JAC and JMC and Dongfeng quadruped tripartite confrontation pattern has been basically stable, the four enterprises overall strength is strong, and produced in four or five diesel engine capacity, such as Futian self-produced Foton aoling power and Foton Cummins ISF2.8/3.8 engine, JAC has 4DA1 engine, 2.0T engine and Jianghuai Navistar 3.2L/4.8L engine JMC has 4JB1 engine technology and Ford 2.4L engine, Dongfeng Nissan technical zd30 and ZD25 engine.

Nanjing Iveco beyond the light card

But small and medium enterprises in the shuffle is still ongoing. From January to August this year, the light card of the rapid decline in industry the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises of sales are still higher than the industry average level of decline of the enterprises including Shandong Kama (fell 32.95%), Ling Tang European (15.04% decline), FAW (down%), Sichuan modern (down 35.09%), Nanjing Iveco (down 42.75%)… These enterprises to stop the decline, return to the original position in the industry, still need to pay a lot of effort.

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