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LNG auto market will usher in the challenge

At present, the domestic economy into a new norm, together with the international oil prices fell in the domestic natural gas vehicles, especially LNG vehicles to promote the initiative, LNG automotive industry has been unprecedented challenges. LNG is an ultra-low temperature (-162) frozen liquid gas, the volume of gaseous 1/625, whose main component is methane. Compared with conventional gasoline, diesel, LNG use substances harmful automobile exhaust emissions can be reduced by 90%, is truly clean energy vehicles.


A marked decline in the growth rate of LNG vehicle market will usher in the challenge


As China's automobile market is expanding, automobile exhaust emissions is becoming an important factor in the formation of urban air pollution especially in fog and haze, optimize fuel mix, promote the use of clean and efficient high-quality fuels, especially the development of low-carbon transport is imminent, and LNG vehicle development has become one of the important options.


However, crude oil prices continued to fall, with LNG vehicles subject to continuous economic impact, although LNG car ownership in China still maintain growth, but growth marked decline, the industry expects 2015 car market underperformance.


"2014 crude oil and domestic gasoline and diesel prices continue to drop impact, the car by the impact with the LNG economic performance, LNG heavy-duty truck sales blocked, China LNG car ownership declined. LNG buses ended the first half of 2015 total sales of 5296, year LNG heavy trucks The sales of 8469 is expected in 2015 car ownership in China LNG was 205,000, down 20.82 percent growth. " Zhuo record information Qie Jing gas industry analyst, said in the "China Sankei Shimbun," he told reporters.


Under the influence of oil prices continued to decline, and natural gas vehicles lose the price advantage. Assistant General Manager of China and Hong Kong Gas Group SUN Xiao Di pointed out that currently, LNG prices and diesel prices were flat, some of the faces of the vehicle replacement large logistics companies have to re-consider switching to diesel, LNG vehicle development more difficult, "there is no station car" quite common.


Qie Jing said that as the first half of 2015, China LNG transport tankers reached about 7300. It expects 2015 full-year LNG transport tankers will reach more than 7500, an increase of 7.13%, and 34.56% in 2014 compared to growth fell significantly. Mainly tankers growth slowdown is that the poor profitability of the logistics enterprises, logistics companies tankers outage occurs, the situation of low price.


China Road Transport Association, honorary president Yao Mingde has pointed out, despite the price advantage of natural gas in the short term is still not shake, but in the long run, the price advantage will be further weakened. Vehicle price of natural gas is about 65% if diesel still profitable, while diesel prices once rose to 75%, LNG car cost advantage will be lost.


In this case, many companies eager to reverse the current situation of the country more hope overweight policy efforts to improve the development environment. Some experts expressed the hope that the government finance department set up special funds for the promotion of LNG vehicle as a powerful backing. In the oil price downturn environment, the implementation of oil and gas filling stations for liquefied natural gas linked, both to enhance the low oil price environment of living space stations, but also be able to lower the price of the chaotic situation has norm.


However, China's LNG transport energy industry is characterized by folk push. Sponsored by the company and the industry leader in the LNG transportation energy, far more than the growth rate of the industry overall national planning, standards, even beyond the optimistic estimate of the industry, resulting in the relevant policy, regulatory and industry standards lag. However, you want to develop a set of effective incentive policies is not an easy task.


"The state should develop clean energy, certainly need to go through some growing pains, now in fact be in transition a little bit. In the short term, LNG vehicle market did encounter a problem, but in the long term, at constant encouragement States, should still have certain expectations of for subsidies, each region could focus on their own economic circumstances and needs are not the same, so the development of a general subsidy, is not very realistic, but it takes time. " Zhu Ying new Treasure Island gas analyst on the "China Sankei Shimbun," told reporters.


Some experts pointed out that the relevant government departments should first strengthen LNG automotive market development, and further clear development goals, develop a scientific and feasible development plan, local conditions, make the best use, according to the city characteristics and geographical advantages, in areas where conditions permit priority LNG vehicles.


From now, many places have been taken to encourage measures. Shenzhen, for example, in order to encourage the use of LNG vehicles road freight industry, this year, Shenzhen, the new purchase LNG trucks using subsidies, the standard is 20,000 yuan / vehicle, together with the State Ministry of subsidies 15,000 yuan / vehicles, using LNG purchase truck will get subsidies 35,000 yuan / vehicle.


It is understood that at the national level is expected to introduce "Thirteen five natural gas transportation and long-term development plan" to make up for gaps in the current top-level design. The introduction of vehicles with natural gas pricing guidelines, to further improve the natural gas market pricing mechanism, promote the development of LNG vehicles.

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