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New Dragon M3 equipped with Dongfeng Cummins power

New M3 as the focus, unveiled a unique style, high-tech cool way to make people shines, no less than the Shanghai auto show booth on the new release.

The new M3 power configuration, still using the Cummins family gene – Dongfeng Cummins ISB, ISD series engine. The release of the new dragon M3 can choose 190 horsepower, 220 horsepower two horsepower models.

The new dragon M3 as an inter-city transport models, taking full account of the reliability, low fuel consumption, high efficiency, environmental factors, in the power selection also follow these factors.

Dongfeng Cummins ISB, ISD series engine adhering to the excellent reliability of the Cummins engine, is one of the most popular medium-sized engines.

Advanced design to make components much less than other similar engines; the use of the world's leading high-pressure common rail fuel system, jet higher precision, fuel atomization more fully, lower fuel consumption; engine low speed torque, large torque range. The perfect match between the vehicle and the power, so that the vehicle faster, more pull run, the user's operating efficiency is higher.

The exhibition has been in the China Trucks Open many times by winning the dragon H7, by the dragon T7, also all equipped with Dongfeng Cummins ISZ engine.

ISZ engine maximum power up to 560 horsepower, is the industry's "king of torque", is now in the heavy truck market access to excellent reputation.

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