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New energy vehicles promotion should first break local protectionism

As the national annual meeting, new energy vehicles heating up again. After reports that two sessions, new energy subsidies will be unified local government subsidies, the crack development of the new energy car place protect color, change different subsidies, fragmented around the country.

On new energy vehicles promotion, the price is cost has been regarded as the biggest obstacle to a private purchases. And new energy vehicles in the process of purchasing local protectionism, government subsidies to new energy vehicles around it is not open to overseas car companies, also let many brand is difficult to enjoy the local subsidies, the embarrassment of the current stagnation of development of new energy vehicle market.

In fact, since the July 2012 national guidelines "planning", the local governments have introduced contributes to development of new energy vehicles specific rules of various auto enterprises are gradually increase investment in new energy vehicles. But because of the different parts of the new energy car subsidy scope is limited to local companies, so many of the domestic car companies in the development process of new energy vehicles, basically a "feeling".

Thus, subsidies from the gap between the local can't get through, can't to talk about the popularization of new energy vehicles. Arguably, Chinese provinces differ in thousands ways, product is produced in the region has the appropriate priority, nature is everyone can understand. Around this idea, however, has also contributed to the competent department to foreign erected barriers and local protectionism so hindered the big circulation of new energy vehicles.

The personage inside course of study points out that, as a domestic reviled for local protection, usually is everywhere in order to conducive to the front of the car companies, and take the corresponding protective measures. These problems especially in the domestic no corresponding laws and regulations, many places will in all cases, have intention to not intentional of local protection. The most obvious is that the government's target of procurement migration and intends to limit into other products, let the new energy vehicles in a different price on the market don't have competitive.

So, want to solve local protection for new energy vehicles, not only need to be done on these issues early law norms, more need to guide local support local auto enterprise to do strongly does. Only to break the local barriers, unified local government subsidies, to vigorously promote the development of new energy vehicles on the whole.

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