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Positive recall ice commercial rights environment

For the protection of consumers' rights and interests of commercial vehicle, recall and two security "3 packets". Among them, the former is the manufacturer of voluntary recall of the defective product, the latter is from the law of consumer rights and interests protected. At present, there are laws, commercial vehicle recall, the defective automobile product recall management regulations (hereinafter referred to as the regulations) to commercial vehicle included in this year, was formally implemented on January 1, but it is still no commercial vehicle "3 packets" policy. But on the whole, the commercial vehicle industry, focus on quality, focus on consumer environment has been gradually improved.

Recall increased

Recently, dongfeng motor co., LTD., according to the requirements of the regulations, to the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine for the record the recall plan, decision since March 7, 2013, back to June 12, 2006-2006, May 5, during the production of dongfeng tianlong tractor, involving the number 7882. Recall announcement on March 5, released in the center of the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine defect product management.

Before that, the henan shaolin auto co., LTD., in its sold in recent years, the school bus is "free testing" activities, found that on April 3, 2010-2012 on March 6, the production of parts of dongfeng chassis with tin firewood CA4DX23-120 e3 raider modelling SLG6660XCE3 shaolin bus card, because of extremely cold weather gets cold, there may be a potential safety hazard, hence initiative on January 24, apply to the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, plans to recall announcement since January 25, involving about 91 vehicles.

Earlier before the end of last year, Beijing foton automobile co., LTD., recalled voluntarily submit to general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine report, decision since January 5, 2013 recall of 357 vehicles in October 20, 2009 ~ July 30, 2010, the production of tractor BJ4253SMFJB – S7.

These recalled all released this year, this year began on January 1, such as the regulations on the implementation of policy has played a very good leading role, the defects of China's automotive recall system was a big step forward. From early secretive, until now and easy recall of commercial vehicle recall of consciousness of the enterprise is a major step forward.

Hosts, enhance quality consciousness

Enterprises have to design defects and quality hidden trouble of product is voluntarily recalling, represent the companies respect for users, is a serious and responsible performance. Recall, in fact, the case is not uncommon, especially in foreign countries, recall is commonplace. Before and in the commercial vehicle industry in China, general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine issued a recall many to foreign brands, domestic enterprises of product recall much rarer. This with our traditional thought of "it's an ill bird that fouls its own nest" has a certain relationship, are also associated with consumer cognitive mistake in China, before recall is often mistaken for the poor quality performance.

"From the start of this year, some domestic commercial vehicle enterprises have issued the recall notice, this is never the thing. This illustrates two points: first, the understanding of recall tend to be more positive, no longer think that recall is a sign of enterprise products have a big problem; second, major domestic commercial vehicle companies for the country had a deeper understanding of recall policy, gradually realize the recall is not only responsible for the user, the vehicle may exist hidden dangers timely processing is also responsible for the enterprise itself." Aqsiq recall experts, shandong heavy industry group co., LTD., vice President of Tan Xiuqing evaluation, recall the increase in cases of is a kind of progress.

With the increase of domestic sales and export quantity, the quality consciousness of each car companies also increases, this is one; Second, each manufacturer is responsible to the user. "Manufacturers don't have to cover problem, but actively from the user perspective in a timely manner to deal with, the user, attitude to manufacturer approved by the manufacturer is also another kind of free publicity." Tan Xiuqing added.

Commercial vehicle companies recalled attitude is easy to see changes. Shaolin auto recall the school bus, for example, is the enterprise strength, active use of the media in the mainstream industry media publicity, called on all levels of government and education departments, participating, mutual supervision within the scope of the recall vehicles user contact with shaolin as soon as possible, arrange free maintenance issues.

Car companies attitude to recall in the transformation, the user feedback on the company is voluntarily recalling also in transition. Released for dongfeng tianlong tractor recall, have praised users dongfeng "come up with a correct attitude to deal with problems", is a "good thing".

"Before, everyone think recall is a disgraceful thing. With the speeding up of globalization, whether business or user awareness are improved." Since Tan Xiuqing, offered to the recall, that manufacturer's attitude is positive, will face and makes the corresponding processing very well. "Has played a positive role in this one and then there will be more and more forms of voluntary recall." He said.

Tan Xiuqing, meanwhile, also said the recall regulations while making reference to the foreign practices, itself a high starting point, but after all, only for more than three months and have their own special national conditions in China, also in the implementation of the need to constantly find and solve problems, make our country's commercial vehicle recall system is increasingly perfect, the user is responsible for more and more.

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