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Renault cut parts price drop of about 23% on average

On March 12, cut SUV CheXingKe Renault China announced the initiative I part of the component prices, including body parts, maintenance, overhaul parts, electric parts and so on four categories of more than 20 kinds of parts and components, an average drop of 23%. Division I is the most main Renault in China – a model, annual sales of 29724 vehicles in 2012, the compact SUV division I level takes up more than 90% of the share. To lower the price of parts or will further promote the competitiveness of the division I in the China market.

"In recent years, the Renault China has developed rapidly, far above the industry average growth. Among them, the division I as Renault China's best-selling car, played a part." Renault China chief executive Chen Guozhang said. "with fashionable appearance, special comfort, excellent road performance and reliable safe import quality, division I listed more than three years time, win the favor of the more than 60000 car owners quickly. The active cut Renault China division I part of the spare parts price, is to give back to the owner of the love, to make it more convenient and affordable way, division I way of life."

Renault China 2009 "plus + comprehensive customer experience, covering 13 service content, to strengthen the care and services to consumer protection; That same year, after consultation with the positive headquarters, through measures such as reducing logistics cost, slashed accessories price, to ensure that consumers enjoy cost-effective service experience; In early 2011, Renault parts library of Shanghai center was put into operation, greatly improved the parts supply rate, shorten the supply time; In late 2012 and early 2013, through the owners love action and limit the owner feedback policy, Renault gearbox and China respectively on the vehicle powertrain system warranty period extended service upgrade. Nowadays, Renault China again attack, 4 types of division I cut more than 20 kinds of spare parts price, an average drop of 23%. This series of reduce the Renault car owners convenient benefits to enjoy high quality imported cars.

The tenet of "based on customers' and continuous service upgrade, Renault in recent years the rapid development of China and improve customer satisfaction. The key factors for the division I down the price of some parts, is we in at the start of snake year for consumers in China's new commitments, deliver the Renault to the attention of the Chinese market and consumers." Renault China chief executive, says Mr Chen Guozhang "in the future, Renault China will speed up service upgrade, to meet the diverse needs of consumers, to create success lay a good foundation in 2013."

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