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Renault decided to give up cooperation with Daimler to develop luxury car

Renault, according to the Wall Street journal has decided to give up cooperation with Daimler production plan of large luxury cars, in turn is committed to independent development of its high-end products.

Since 2010, Renault and Daimler attempt to carry out collaboration in the field of high profit margins luxury car. Renault's vacancy in the luxury car market segment for a long time. Under the plan at that time, both parties will collaborate to develop many high-grade and luxurious cars. Renault help developed 2014 mercedes-benz Smart high-grade cars and MPV, Daimler is on the basis of the mercedes-benz e-class help Renault to develop luxury cars.
But after nearly a few months of negotiations, Renault is concluded that the plan is not feasible from the business. Renault COO carlos tavares (CarlosTavares) said in an interview: "we didn't find effective operation of the business model." Plan to rush in where angels fear to tread because involved in procurement, logistics and assembly, etc., but, "tavares declined to provide details.
Renault, a senior executive disclosed, the company close cooperation with Daimler luxury car the reason: Daimler provide cash to Renault, Mercedes E parts, if wait for Renault in its developed on the basis of their luxury car and put into production, then the model is close to the product life cycle, the platform is relatively old. Its declared: "the product cycle is always tricky, but does not hinder our cooperation with Daimler, but no increase project number."
Tavares, points out that in Renault, nissan and Daimler tripartite cooperation under the background, adopts the method of Mercedes Benz E based is easy to think of, "but so far we don't see 'perfect' calculating equation. But this does not mean that we are unable to find results, just have not found right now."
According to estimates, Renault, Mercedes E based development of luxury cars will cost more than 50000 euros ($65000). Significantly better than the price of EspaceMPV will start at 36000 euros, which is the most expensive model in the current Renault line-up, the company plans to launch Espace subsequent models since 2014.
Daimler has refused to comment on the reports.

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