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Shanghai Auto Show Foton Cummins more flowering

       As one of the industry's most watched engine companies, Foton Cummins will certainly not miss every big show. In this year's Shanghai auto show, Foton Cummins with a new face successfully attracted the audience's visual nerve, and by virtue of mature product performance to achieve more flowering.
In the auto show site Foton booth, Foton Cummins exhibited just listed in the domestic market only 1 month X12 heavy engine, which is the first appearance in the domestic large-scale auto show, no doubt will lead to a ticket fans stop To watch.
       Foton Cummins X12 intelligent power is used Cummins ADEPT forward-looking dynamic efficiency assembly technology, with intelligent torque adjustment, intelligent taxi control, intelligent maps can be dynamically adapted to a variety of conditions, "high IQ" function, even the new drivers also Can achieve the most experienced, most professional driving experience.

      In addition to the engine assembly, the Fukuda booth display of Auman, Ou Ma can, Aoling three truck brands, without exception, there are Foton Cummins products "mark", after all, belong to Fukuda, is their own brothers.
       It is worth mentioning that, in addition to Fukuda's truck brand, in Sichuan modern booth, still saw the figure of Foton Cummins. Sichuan Hyundai exhibited a new light truck Shengtu chassis and refrigerated trucks, as a modern classic light truck platform, Sheng plans equipped with Foton Cummins ISF2.8L five engines, to ensure its superior power and reliability.

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