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Six years 600,000 km Foton Cummins ISF engine series adjourned to transport aquatic legend

  Six years 600,000 km Foton Cummins ISF engine series adjourned to transport aquatic legend    Original title: 6 years 600,000 km Foton Cummins adjourned to transport aquatic legend


  6 years more than 60 million kilometers of vehicle miles, is Chenhui Jiang did not expect to buy a car at the beginning. As a 30-year-old driver of driving experience, although Chen Huijiang have read countless car, but encountered match Cummins ISF engine Fukuda Ollin moment, he found that this is the real stand the test of a good car.


  Hui Chen Qiang driving Ollin light trucks to achieve more than 600,000 km without major repairs Chen Qianghui driving Ollin light trucks to achieve more than 600,000 km without major repairs


  Quality assurance worthwhile at first sight


  Chenhui Jiang is engaged in the transport of live fish, in his words, "to hurry, good memory," Wan point the way out of the problem, it will affect the customer's business. Different from other "dead", the most attention to transport live fish is fast and stable, in the end what brand of truck more suitable?


  In 2010, Chen Huijiang bought a Fukuda Ollin. For Fukuda Ollin, Chenhui Jiang admitted that the match is learned that the truck Foton Cummins, then decided to buy a car: "I've used other Cummins engine, very good, although Foton Cummins just listed soon, but I look to phase bingo!"


  Fukuda Ollin performance because the engine purchased in the end what happened? "Transport from Wuhan to Anhui, Hunan and other places, basically two days back and forth, I usually ran 80 mph, have to run it!" Although speed has been operation, but it is certainly Chenhui Jiang told reporters, power is no problem, very easy to run high-speed, stamina will not appear there before the strength of the phenomenon, ran down every day, have become accustomed to such a high-speed operation, plus the quality of vehicle protection, even pull this fish aquatic products, Foton Cummins engine did not fall off the chain.


  Moreover, the car from 2010 to the present, Foton Cummins Engine run more than 600,000 kilometers, there has never been a big failure, engine parts but there is no replacement. A light truck in six years to achieve 60 million kilometers without overhaul record is rare, but the Ollin gazing at the Chenhui Jiang, it too often, however, and he never had to worry about transportation, because he Fukuda Cummins high quality too at ease.


  Transport has been able to achieve "high-yield", in addition to high quality and Foton Ollin Foton Cummins Engine, and Chen Huijiang maintenance is inseparable. "To repair the fault-free, had to do maintenance, is 10,000 kilometers in my car to do maintenance, after all, fish and general cargo also different, the car will do the maintenance operation more interesting." Look it seems simple, but it is an old truck people know from experience that it is a sight now purchase in exchange for smooth transport.


  Fluctuations in fuel economy fear the transport industry


  Years of transportation experience, so Chen Huijiang for fluctuations in the transportation industry have become commonplace, especially in the logistics and transport more intense today, the transportation costs has become an indisputable fact, but to his surprise, the low fuel consumption Foton Cummins helped him savings in transportation costs.


  Fukuda Ollin Chenhui Jiang became an honorary member of the Hall of Fame one million kilometers user Chenhui Jiang became an honorary member of the Hall of Fame Fukuda Ollin one million kilometers user


  By contrast Chenhui Jiang found from Wuhan to Hunan, about 400 kilometers of road, the same cargo transport, compared to the other cars Foton Cummins save about 150 yuan oil money. Do not underestimate this $ 150, and a breakdown of doing, Chen Huijiang each car run 100,000 km per year, saving fuel costs nearly 4,000 yuan, 600,000 km run to now, only the fuel saving of 2.4 million!


  Moreover, Foton Cummins on mileage and maintenance is also superior. Compared to other models 5000 km do maintenance, Foton Cummins only 10,000 kilometers, virtually cut in half the number of maintenance, cost savings also. "In fact, that was not it, my car up to now there have been no major faults, but also saves maintenance costs. In case if the problem is not out of the bus, which have lost income difference between a lot of money!" Whether fuel economy is still operating behind the invisible consumption, Foton Cummins economy accentuates both for Chen Huijiang transport icing on the cake.


  Driven Chenhui Jiang, and surrounded by many of my friends bought a matching Cummins Engine Fukuda Ollin, it is understood the number of local Ollin car dozens of cars! Chenhui Jiang proud to tell reporters, although the beginning of the high cost of the car, but the more you use the more Foton Cummins engine province, want to do the transport, it is necessary to choose such a good image Foton Cummins engine!


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