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Taiwan: China Motor in hybrid import talks with Mitsubishi

From The China PostMarch 08, 2013

The China Post (Taipei) – China Motor Corp., the Taiwan distributor of Mitsubishi vehicles, is talking with the Japanese carmaker on importing the PX-MiEV II, a fuel-electricity hybrid, the company said yesterday.

The statement came as Mitsubishi is currently developing the PX-MiEV, a hybrid designed for mass production. It is a cousin to the i-MiEV, which was the world's first mass-produced electric vehicle.

"We'd like to debut the PX-MiEV II in Taiwan at the same time as it is introduced in Japan," China Motor said. "This way we can keep our competitive edge. We're still talking with the Japanese head corporation about that possibility."

The move will mark the latest electric vehicle development effort by the Yulon Group, the parent corporation of China Motor.

Other companies under the group, including Luxgen, Tobe and Yulon-Nissan, have launched various EV models. These EVs are for lease in Greater Taipei and used for transporting civil servants in Greater Taichung and Greater Tainan.

According to the group, it has introduced 260 electric vehicles and 300 battery recharge stations. At the same time, the group intends to computerize some of its EV operations, which can then be accessed through mobile and smart devices over the Internet, it said.

Last year, Yulon set up in Xindian District, New Taipei City, Taiwan's most complete model EV recharge station. "Our goal this year is to add intelligence to EV recharge stations to add value to the EV experience," Yulon said.

Yesterday, China Motor, Yulon-Nissan and Yulon rose by 0.54 percent, 0 percent and 2.22 percent to NT$27.95, NT$262 and NT$55.3, respectively.

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