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The new Cummins ISF4.5L five platform listed, the interpretation of super four-cylinder power

February 27, China Shenzhen – Cummins today in the Chinese market officially launched a new model ISF4.5L in the horsepower four-cylinder diesel engine.

The model is based on Cummins in the world's most popular B series in the horsepower platform, in the existing F series power developed from. Previously, ISF4.5L with the European and European products have been the first in the European market successfully put. The launch of the product in China specifically for the Chinese market and the needs of users tailored to start to meet the five countries, the European five emission standards, in achieving superior fuel efficiency at the same time, its powerful power and torque output comparable to the part of the six-cylinder Diesel engines. Cummins ISF4.5L will be the first application in Fukuda Ouma can be S5 super card.

Cummins ISF4.5L engine based on user needs

Cummins engine ISF4.5L engine based on better meet the partners of high-end medium-sized power demand research and development. It combines the ISF2.8L and 3.8L platform in China and the global application of successful experience in the reliability of a natural advantage. At the same time, as has been in the European market to meet the Euro six emissions of advanced power platform, ISF4.5L environmental technology leading advantage ride away. In this product development process, user demand-oriented design concept to ensure that the product performance to meet and exceed the end-user power, economy, security and comfort needs. Moreover, product development strictly follows the Cummins global quality system and manufacturing standards, and carries out different road tests on a global scale, through a reliable durability test of 2 million kilometers of harsh roads. ISF4.5L manufactured by Futian Cummins Engine Company. As one of Cummins' global sample plants, Futian Cummins advanced manufacturing technology, rigorous quality control systems, and the mature supply chain system of the F-platform, all match the ISF4.5L product quality and application match Double insurance.

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