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The promotion of new energy vehicles need to solve technical path around the divisive issue


There is such a set of data : the number of buses national vehicle fleet accounts for about 1.3% about , but due to fuel consumption and kilometers traveled much, automobile exhaust emissions , the proportion is as high as 30%. The idea that , in energy conservation , environmental protection, the general trend of the moment, to promote new energy vehicles, or as one of the effective measures .
As the largest efforts to promote new energy vehicles in Shenzhen , currently in use in the new energy buses totaling 3050 units ( as of March this year ) , of which 1200 is a pure electric vehicle . In accordance with the government to deploy the next two years, the total number of new energy buses will reach 5000 , accounting for about a third of the city's total number of buses , new investment vehicles are pure electric, the future will be the expansion of scale.
In the business model previews , the situation gradually improved operational efficiency , electric bus in Shenzhen experienced nationwide learn how ? This seems to be not a simple proposition , a huge financial investment , it is bound to bring different levels of local fiscal pressures , but this is not the key issue for the whole industry chain , the division over the technical path where the real Vital .
Subsidies or exacerbate fiscal pressures
Reporters rough estimate , as of now , the investment in 1200 in Shenzhen pure electric transit bus , local financial subsidies of 50 per million, which grants totaling up to 600 million yuan , and that 's not even counting subsidies for hybrid transit buses in . Meanwhile , the central government needs to make another 600 million yuan .
According to the plan , by mid-2016 , Shenzhen will add another 2,000 or so of pure electric buses , if the subsidy costs the same , Shenzhen new spending will reach 1 billion yuan . Prior to the introduction of relevant documents display in Shenzhen , the city established a total size of 3.5 billion yuan of special funds for the new energy industry , 2.1 billion yuan of funds to support demonstration . With the continuous expansion of the scale of the promotion , these funds is clearly not enough .
Shenzhen as the first-tier cities , GDP ranking in the country, or the relevant expenditure is not difficult , for other areas of the country weaker in terms of financial capacity , even if the size is less than the promotion of new energy vehicles in Shenzhen , the corresponding expenditure is not difficult to keep up with fear imagination.
September 2013 , "Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Action Plan ," the State Council issued a clear need to vigorously promote new energy vehicles . Public transportation , sanitation and other industries and government agencies should take the lead in the use of new energy vehicles. North of Guangzhou -Shenzhen and other cities added or updated annually bus , the proportion of new energy and clean fuel vehicles to reach more than 60%.
In November, the Ministry of Finance , Ministry of Science , the Ministry of National Development and Reform Commission experts , to promote the use of new energy vehicles were reported throughout the program review and evaluation , confirmed Beijing , Tianjin, Shanghai , Guangzhou and other 28 cities or regions for the first number of new energy vehicles to promote the application of the city .
Easy to see that China's new energy vehicles, " demonstration and application " is being replaced by " promote the application ." According to " continue its work to promote the application of new energy vehicles ," which the central government will allocate funds to these cities to give a comprehensive demonstration reward , incentive funds will be mainly used for construction and other aspects of charging facilities , apparently the local government fiscal pressures brought about car allowance will be done by itself.
It is reported that Tianjin existing 245 pure electric buses, to be completed by 2015, 2000 pure electric buses k9 's running. In addition , BYD also signed a contract with Dalian City , in the next two years will put 1,200 K9 in Dalian. The same period a little earlier , BYD also signed with Nanjing Public Transport Group Purchasing 650 first pure electric bus orders.
The real problem is that the body of local government debt pressure , under pressure to reduce emissions and the promotion of new energy vehicles clear indicators of the situation , the local government funds for maneuvers on how to promote new energy vehicles, subsidies for concern.
Disadvantages of technology differentiation path
The face of huge subsidies mode , the auto industry advisory committee member of China , China's auto industry experts told reporters that Chen Guangzu , " spent the money, not to achieve the purpose of energy saving ." In his opinion , the entire electric market belong early stages of development , implementation approach should diversify , " not just stare subsidies , engage demonstration, ten years before selling more than 10,000 vehicles, the number is so small , there is does not solve the problem. , like Japan , that was staring at the market , to find ways to make money, has accumulated more than 100 million units sold . "
In his view, we are not in the gap with foreign technology, industry , the key is thinking, staring from subsidies stare into the market . He also said, " The dish is too small bus market , to complete energy conservation, not just stay in the bus market ."
Moreover, the Shanghai super capacitor , external charging Shenzhen , the two technologies are not compatible with the basic path , and this is the path of China's new energy vehicle technology differentiation in miniature.
Lack of standardized construction is regarded as one of China's new energy vehicles to be solved "stumbling block ." In the industry view , a unified technology roadmap at the beginning of the new energy vehicle demonstration application should be taken into account , but today is still not complete.
"Technical standards are not uniform , great harm to the entire industry ." Gui tianjiao deputy general manager of Shenzhen Bus Group in an interview with reporters , said the country now there have been many technical factions , because there is no uniform standard , the country is almost a separate faction , both non- compliant may be , nor can learn and exchange value.
Embarrassing is that, as the new energy automotive end markets , bus company to buy the vehicle basically no right to speak, the country have their own standards, this standard can only choose to go , even if it is only one of the parts are produced to the car manufacturers purchase.
An industry source on condition of anonymity pointed out that the standard barriers around the business basically can not enter the market places , the market is stuck, this is likely to cause confusion in the industry , it is difficult to produce industry leading enterprises. Standard unified behind the delay , but the game lurks different stakeholders. " Has come to dominate the landscape of the time, otherwise it will cause a serious waste of resources ." The source said.
Reporters noted that the application is currently in the demonstration cities, basic vehicle purchase from local businesses, under the complicated mess of technical route , companies want to expand the market must comply with local standards in different places , or go to a local investment in factories , companies can obviously difficult do it.

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