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Tire enterprises itch for a try and promote the process of internationalization

"Going out" strategy in the three session of the National People's Congress of the nine session of the National People's Congress in March 2000 clearly put forward, after 15 years has achieved remarkable results. And "along the way" the implementation of the national strategy for Chinese enterprises "going out" and created a new historical opportunity. Media have learned that the domestic rubber tire enterprises have a strong desire to go out. But industry insiders also stressed that today's enterprises go out, to change the product output concept, the pursuit of higher levels of industrial output, to achieve win-win cooperation, so that local businesses, people and the country really benefit, so that China's rubber tire companies become their partners, and thus establish a brand image in the International market.

In the first step of rubber enterprises

Guangken rubber, international, Hainan rubber etc. tire upstream enterprises to break through the bottleneck of raw materials, China's first "going out" on behalf of, they in the rubber in the world's most resource rich countries in Southeast Asia set up factories, construction of rubber plantation, a historic step.

According to the country's needs and characteristics, we 'go out' strategy is not the same. For example, Thailand has protective measures for rubber cultivation, we set up factories in the northeast of Thailand, to help local farmers to get rich; Kampuchea has land advantage, we focus on the cultivation of the garden, in recent years has extended to other economic crops, promote the development of local economy." Chen Ming said.

Tire enterprise breakthrough

As a breakthrough in overseas trade barriers, in recent years, tournament round of the Jinyu, Linglong tires, Zhongce Rubber Group, forest Unicorn tires enterprises accelerated the pace of foreign factories, promoting the process of internationalization strategy of Chinese tires.

Tournament round of Jinyu Co., Ltd. 2011 began to invest in Vietnam to set up round (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. project, a total investment of 95 million dollars, at present, semi steel tire has been put into operation profit. Now the company has launched the two phase of the project, the construction scale will increase to an annual output of 7800000 semi steel radial tire and 15000 tons of steel engineering tire.

Mesnac first foreign turnkey engineering, mec (Burma's economy, tire factory two years ago officially put into operation Burma from a tire brands of their own.

Exquisite international tire (Thailand) Co., Ltd. February 2014, a project with an annual output of 2 million pieces of high performance semi steel radial tire was completed and put into production; second phase of all steel radial tire project started construction in June 2014, 2015 May 28, the first tire offline smoothly. The globalization strategy of the company is in the Linglong factory in Thailand as a starting point, to reach 3 overseas manufacturing base.

On August 4, 2014, forest Unicorn Tire Co., Ltd. and Thai gum Co., Ltd. held the land contract signing ceremony, Sen Kirin company overseas strategic layout officially started.

It is understood, the tire project is located in Thailand Rayong Li Sheng Rubber Industrial Park, plans an annual output of 10000000 tires. "Factory location is the use value and the use of Thailand's rubber resources, trade and regional advantages." Sen, general manager of the Lin Yilong, general manager, told the media.

June 29, 2015 (Thailand), Zhongce Rubber Co. Ltd. held in Thailand Thai Chinese Rayong industrial park opening ceremony. The plant is Zhongce Rubber Group in the overseas construction of the first plant, Thailand is also currently the largest tire factory, covering a total area of about 876 acres. Since 2014 November 7, officially opened, to 2015 May 25, the first PCR tire offline, Zhongce Thai companies create the miracle and build factories.

It is understood that, at present, the base mainly produces semi steel radial tire, the end of 2015 can reach 5000000 / year of production scale. Zhongce Rubber chairman Shen Jinrong introduced, the production base in the future will invest part of all steel tire production capacity.

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