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Turkey into Weichai Pathfinder “along the way” plots

Turkish north of the Black Sea, south of the Mediterranean, is a crossroads connecting Europe and Asia, but also the ancient Silk Road gateway to Europe. Today, Turkey with excellent geographical location and a stable economic situation in advance "along the way" construction plays an important role. Weichai overseas target markets and countries "along the way" strategic coverage area high degree of overlap, with "overseas supporting local manufacturing + + direct export" mode, after ten years of hard work, has become the industry "along the way" pioneer. Turkey, as Weichai important overseas markets, compared with other regions, it also bears another important mission – a testing ground for the European market. ʱ??


On the ground, Weichai ship machine, power generation products have established a good brand image, harvest a large number of loyal customers, on this basis, Weichai is trying to start the industrialization of Europe Ⅵ products, plans to promote business within the next few years supporting batch car powered by Turkey radiation to other European countries to raise the overall level of Weichai international operations.


Turkey has a long coastline, fisheries development, marine engines and power generation equipment on demand, after years of careful cultivation, currently has Weichai in local power generation equipment and ship machine Qi drive and drive pattern is formed. To increase development efforts, Weichai homeopathy and for the establishment of the Turkish company, and plan to establish large-scale storage of accessories central repository in the local FTA, with Turkey as the center, will quickly cover fitting service to North Africa, Europe and other markets, in order to improve Market response efficiency, reduce service costs.


Establishment of the company in the local library and Accessories Center, is to further expand the local market Weichai strong initiatives. Hao Feng has many years experience working overseas import and export company manager for Europe, told reporters: "Turkey's establishment, which means we upgraded from the 'guerrilla' to 'regular', which is not only conducive to our root in the market, find partners, but also for us to provide a platform for the introduction of local talent. "


Local talent is the Weichai a sharp knife to open up overseas markets, their advantages and familiarity with the language and culture of the market, in opening up the market, especially unfamiliar to the force. Turkey lad ENCANYAZICI, 2014 July to join Weichai Turkish sales team. Entry year, he cheerful personality, high professionalism, so he quickly integrated into the team, and in particular the business with Chinese colleagues with a good, quite good sales performance, has won the appreciation of the team. As head of the European team, Hao Feng jokingly to evaluate ENCANYAZICI with "cost-effective." After a period of practice, Hao Feng appointment of native talent rather the idea: not only to bring in, but also to use them, and a reasonable mix of local talent + Chinese people, is the best way to stimulate them to play their respective energy. Under the guidance of this idea, the Turkish company will increase the introduction of local talent, good talent pool for the future to develop commercial supporting areas.


Selecting the best channel to promote sloppy


Weichai channel construction work is the most important overseas markets. What is the most appropriate dealer? How many dealers need to be developed to achieve the best state?


After years of exploration, Turkish companies have their own judgment principles. In their view, in addition to considering the strength of dealers, but whether Weichai highly recognized product, the ability to reach a high degree of coordination with Weichai battle plan is very important. "Dealers are our close partners, there are also the interests of the game, we need to ensure that their interests, but also to guide them to take the initiative to maintain Weichai brand image, when you do marketing, do not do one-shot deal, but considering the long-term Cooperation interests. "


In the number of development partners, the Turkish company pursues "go steady is more important than faster pace" principle, do not blindly forward, the strength and long-term planning phase with the current, rational point of distribution channels, centralized force nurturing 2- three important partners. Especially in the highly competitive commercial field, choose a suitable OEM factory, is particularly important. In this regard, Turkey has its own plan of action, June and July of this year, Turkey has invited a local influential truck plant to visit the headquarters of Weichai Weichai size and strength to get the top of this truck plant quite shocked, and expressed willingness to deeper cooperation.


Campaign is to open up the market, "normal operation", but Turkish companies treated these "normal operation" played rather "sloppy." Turkish coastal towns dotted with a large number of fishermen who are potential end customers.


Because of the distance, the distribution is more scattered, in big cities do large-scale exhibition activities, the influence of radiation is often less than the township. Faced with this gap, Turkey co-product dealers propaganda drive to the town, so the fishermen close watch products, technologies and services Weichai understand. "Mobile Publicity low cost, good effect, fishermen flocked to the spot under orders not only closer relations Weichai and end customers, but also a very good market research, for our future product pricing and promotion positioning provided valuable data to support. "


Turkey has also put forward the concept of "the most appropriate customer", they believe, with excellent products and services carefully cultivate a "best customer", the effect brought about poor than other promotional methods. "The most appropriate customers, to some extent, is our most powerful advocates, their influence in the customer base is very large. At present, in all market segments, such customers are still evolving."

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