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Volvo Trucks redefine “high traffic”

August 26, 2015, the Seventh fuel efficient Volvo Trucks Pioneer contest – "to attain efficient counterparts Zhiyuan" ceremony and the "sincere Zhiyuan 'fertile' as a vehicle of" logistics salon in Shanghai come to an end. Volvo truck fuel efficiency contest pioneer in China has been successfully held six sessions, and has been build into a major tournament iconic Volvo Trucks global market. Meetings with the previous different, this competition finals race with a new model to promote maximum profit average speed interval value concept, changed by low saving and increase profits under the concept of the traditional concept aims to interpret and efficient travel in the true sense. At the same time, Volvo Trucks logistics Sharon set up the stage, the leading representative of the logistics industry gathered to offer advice and suggestions, the success of the logistics industry to jointly track and work together to promote the industry forward, to improve the overall industry performance.


Subvert competition system to create history


Volvo truck fuel efficiency contest aims to enhance the driver's safe driving skills, while significantly reducing fuel consumption, as enterprises and environmental protection and make contributions to the exclusive Volvo Trucks. 7th Volvo truck fuel efficiency pioneer named China finals race with a new way, no longer used in the past six sessions followed a closed-race mode, opting instead for long distance freight transport combat competition.


And from the actual championship Group: Zong Jian and Ding Guoxin

Eventually, the driver excellent players from all four contest regions a total of 16 people, divided into two groups, the driver of Volvo trucks involved in FM46062T game. Two players each drove a truck, were Beijing – Shanghai or Shanghai – Beijing road truck transport. Beijing departure sections located in Kerry EAS Logistics Center, Shanghai set up a logistics center in Long Chen Xu (Beijing – Shanghai nominal time of 19 hours, Shanghai – Beijing is 18 hours).


The same paragraph at the same time, to be fair, three race car are Xu Long Chen Logistics Limited procurement FM46062T same batch Volvo models, and are installed third-party monitoring tools – Land of Wealth fleet management systems G7, Operating data for the real time monitoring of vehicles, including fuel, brake, engine data. Eventually, through the effect of the overall transport competitions, such as fuel consumption, time, average speed and load and other factors into consideration, first elected in each group of two pilots, a total of four people to participate in the last finals held in Shanghai.


The new tournament rules, designed to drive heavy truck fuel economy – to challenge the traditional concept of the low-speed fuel economy, with the way the actual situation into consideration fuel-efficient driving. Volvo truck fuel efficiency by actual competition, and Volvo Trucks world's leading TPOL (full life cycle profitability estimates) shows the concept of the low-speed driving on the course can get some low fuel consumption, but abandoned the transport limitations, the results are not necessarily achieved more profitable. In this game, for example, has made Shanghai – Beijing line the first of the two pilots were healthy and Ding Guoxin, driving Volvo Trucks FM46062T models in goods vehicles when the total weight of 50 tons, the full range of the average speed at 70 km / h simultaneously acquiring the fuel consumption 28.2L / 100KM. By calculation, the car has reached a relatively high level of profitability (in a truck full life cycle calculations). For heavy-duty trucks, the average speed of 68-73 km / h and 100 km average fuel consumption of around 28.2L, the limit is still far from Volvo Trucks. Such an average speed, the optimum value of the driving range at Volvo Trucks, to obtain a more economical fuel consumption, which means that within the overall life cycle of the vehicle can take on more transport tasks, increase revenue up to 10%. Therefore, the choice of high integrity rate of truck and taken to the optimum driving range value, in the whole life cycle, to ensure the safe and fuel consumption, engage in more transport tasks, from the whole brought greater for transport companies profits.


In the end, from the China Railway Express Co., Ltd. were healthy, with one hundred kilometers fuel consumption of 25.7 liters of outstanding achievement in the final in one fell swoop won the title. Zong Jian is a has many years of truck driving experience of older drivers. After the game, Zong Jian master excitedly said: "It gains the championship this Volvo truck fuel efficiency contest in China, I am very excited excited not only achieved excellent results because through training and competitions, let me. open ideas. previous fuel the idea that the more fuel-efficient open slower, higher profit concept is not accurate by calculating cargo capacity, to select the appropriate driving range, not only to control fuel consumption, but also enhance the overall The transport efficiency, leading to greater benefits for myself, as well as the company. "


Next, the case on behalf of Volvo Trucks Chinese athlete, played in September, held in Hua Hin, Thailand Volvo Trucks Asia-Pacific regional finals, and fuel experts from various countries competing against.


Explore the future of driving future


Volvo Trucks dedicated to provide users with high-quality products and support services, and the same attention to the positive development of the industry. Efficient fuel economy contest awards ceremony in the day, Volvo Trucks also held a "sincere Zhiyuan 'fertile' as a vehicle of" logistics salon.


 Volvo Trucks "fertile" as a vehicle logistics salon

Volvo Trucks exchange platform for the logistics industry, we invite leading entrepreneurs from the logistics industry to participate in the current logistics salon, share successful experience and the mentality of its own and business development, as a reference for other logistics companies. Shanghai Jiaji Express Ltd chairman Fu Changming said: "We are aware of the current tough market conditions I think the logistics companies in order to obtain long-term development, still need high-quality imported trucks from full life-cycle costs, the. In fact, the import truck ROI investment is still very worth while, generally three years later, will be able to return to the present. And although the initial investment in the domestic truck has an advantage, but three years later would basically eliminated. And this is the import of gold truck Start period, not to mention the residual value of the two hands. So, the moment logistics companies can more imported trucks, especially as Volvo trucks such imports, for the company's image is also useful. "


During the logistics representatives also shared 陆顺怡 said:. "After using the Volvo Trucks brand, improve overall operating effectiveness and reduce operating costs, coupled with mature management, can help us to realize one's ambition."


In addition, to further promote the development of the logistics industry, "sincere Zhiyuan 'fertile' as a vehicle," Sharon also on efficient transport logistics and driver management and other topics were discussed in depth, Volvo Trucks customer solutions expert Yang Guangxi this were explained. Meanwhile, in response to efficient logistics, Volvo Trucks is further introduced to meet the market demand FH and FM models, equipped with high-powered superior to competitors with low-speed models, Volvo Trucks product line enriches the same time, to help its customers respond different transport routes needs more targeted models, reinterpreted the definition of efficient transport.


With the increasing popularity of online shopping, the rapid rise of electronic business, for express delivery, efficient transport logistics green logistics and cold chain presents new challenges. It is time electricity supplier logistics and distribution almost demanding security needs, make it for logistics and transport companies put forward higher requirements, efficient transport vehicles has become one of the standard considerations. To help users address this challenge, Volvo Trucks provides high attendance of products, on the one hand thanks to the excellent performance of the vehicle, on the other hand also need to have a sound sales service network as well as the unique soft product support, The good rate to a whole new standard truck, help users truck always running in which pieces of transport line, to achieve maximum profit margins.


As for the driver management, Volvo Trucks' knowledge, excellent driver is one of the core competitiveness of logistics enterprises, retain good drivers, enhance their driving skills, to provide broader career path, the driver groups, business and industry have the help of a positive development. Therefore, Volvo Trucks continued to carry out the pilot care project, such as the establishment of a green Volvo Truck Driver Training School, designed to help the whole society to promote safe, fuel-efficient green driving habits, road together to promote the vision of zero casualties, and help more Multi-drive Volvo truck drivers early realization of and access to advanced logistics enterprises career dreams. In the Discussion, Zhang Jian, director of Volvo Trucks ability to expand said: "driver management is no longer simply manage the various driving behavior of the driver, the driver is not alone logistics company is the employment relationship, the driver is now becoming a logistics company to raise the public square or a small shareholder, this can improve the driver's work enthusiasm, sense of ownership, and to improve the overall operational efficiency of the company. "


Volvo Trucks efficient fuel Pioneer Award Presentation Ceremony

Lu Bo days, president of Volvo Trucks in China at the scene said:. "Volvo Trucks will always uphold the interests of users as the core content, in terms of product development, or hold on as efficient fuel economy contest this race last year, from new cars to enter the Chinese market This year we again made a high-quality service further improved, for example through the "Sense and Simplicity in line" Gold Service agreements with the mainstream logistics models to the market, to enhance the "'fertile' commitment to" customer satisfaction launch and a variety of services and activities in the form of packages tailored to customers, of course, there is another big year following hot "word horse" after the -. "realistic way" Meanwhile, in the fuel economy contest embodies a new concept, the best average speed interval value theory is our pioneering TPOL (full life cycle profitability measure) principles further support the data and theory, provide new thinking and operating direction of business operations, promote the logistics industry upgrade and progress. "

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