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Weichai Power to respond to the changing situation continues to lead the manufacturing and services

28, Weichai Power (02338.HK) announced the 2015 semi-annual report, as of June 30, the company achieved operating income of 36.455 billion yuan, representing an increase of 6.87%; profit 969 million yuan, down 74.3%; earnings per share 0.24 yuan; an interim dividend of 0.10 yuan per share.

Weichai Power said that by the macroeconomic slowdown in fixed asset investment growth rate down, the manufacturing industry downturn and other factors, a substantial decline in domestic market sales of heavy trucks, the company's heavy truck engines, heavy-duty trucks, transmissions and other sales corresponding decline. But the second half, the heavy truck market is expected to narrow the overall decline, some market segments will face a new round of reshuffle, the company has carried out preparatory work in advance and made positive progress in the new round of competition to continue to seize the initiative, to lead the development of the industry.


Weichai Power said the report period, affected by many factors, the domestic heavy truck market continues to slump, a substantial decline in sales, total sales 295,500, down 31.13 percent.


Affected by this, the company's total sales of heavy truck engines 64900 units, down 61.5 percent, more than the total mass of 14 tons of heavy truck market share of 22.0 percent support, maintain a leading edge in the industry; on subsidiaries Shaanxi Heavy-Duty Truck Co., Ltd. half a year's total sales of heavy trucks 27,900, down 43.6%, continue to maintain the domestic heavy truck industry forefront; owned subsidiary Shaanxi Fast Gear Co., Ltd. sold a total of 229,300 transmission units, down 41.3%, maintaining industry leadership. Construction machinery market total sales 299,000 units, down 23.4%, but continues to maintain a leading position in this field.


While the involvement of the industry downturn, but the company adhere to reform and innovation as the main line, adhere to endogenous growth driven by innovation, scientific development, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of their own, to enhance the quality of development, to achieve a stable and healthy development. Such as the integration of Weichai WOS operations management system, global R & D community, the global supply chain system and full life-cycle membership exclusive service system in the industry pioneered wisdom dynamic platform, and relying on this platform has bred and released high-power high-performance heavy-duty engines WP13 products, in Beijing Ⅴ heavy series of products (including ordinary and special Beijing Beijing Ⅴ Ⅴ) and other intelligence products, leading the pace of upgrading of the internal combustion engine. At the same time, adhere to market-oriented, push forward the adjustment of product structure, promote traditional products and collaborative product development strategy; timely adjustment of market competition strategy, to better cope with the vertical integration of industry pressure. After deep market segment, active and innovative business models and achieve a breakthrough. The pace of internationalization is also more robust, Linde Hydraulics Chinese factory started production; the construction project in India, Myanmar and Ethiopia technology export projects steady fall in overseas markets more perfect manufacturing localization model, to explore the international market to open up a new situation.


Weichai analysts believe that the second half of the macroeconomic situation is still complicated, but the good development of the heavy truck market factors such as "along the way", "Beijing, Tianjin and integration", three strategies "Yangtze River Economic Belt" steadily, will bring new round of investment boom; new national urbanization will speed up construction of infrastructure and other related industries boost growth; logistics industry will bring new opportunities for the development of a new batch of FTA, e-commerce development; yellow car accelerated phase-out will also Heavy truck sales play a stimulating role. Thus, the second half of the heavy truck market will rebound, the overall decline is expected to narrow further, it is expected to achieve annual sales of about 600,000. However, the situation is still grim, the industry will enter a period of adjustment, the market really pick up still depends on continued strong national policy support.


In addition, the state authorities are actively improving vehicle emission standards for motor vehicles, and plans from 2016 began to focus on key cities in the region of Beijing, Tianjin, the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and other full implementation vapor country Ⅴ standard diesel vehicles; heavy diesel State Ⅵ car emission standards has officially started, scheduled to be completed in the end of 2016. Affected by this, some market segments will face a new round of reshuffle, eliminate backward production capacity will further accelerate the pace.


Weichai virtue of leading technology strength, large-scale, high-quality manufacturing, synergies of global resources and a stable of loyal customer base, preparatory work has been carried out in advance and made positive progress, take the initiative in a new round of upgrading the future high-power engine, heavy-duty transmissions and heavy truck market will continue to stay ahead.


To this end, Weichai Power made a tough battle to win ten, covering the cultural construction, management improvement, build the core competitiveness of products, cost efficiency and the development of all aspects of international business operations, which is a new business weathervane round of reform and innovation. Specific content includes the creation of differentiated products with value for customers, and truly create the most cost, technology, quality three core competitive products; push forward the construction of information technology and intelligent manufacturing projects, Weichai will closely integrated with the Internet genes, Construction of intelligent manufacturing model has Weichai characteristics; implement business model innovation, to explore the establishment of e-commerce platform to build rapid response, operational efficiency, and improve customer service network system, help enterprises from manufacturing to services and other manufacturing transition.

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