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Who can take away terminal


A few years ago , in a dealer market research , I found that the end customer dealer provides basic file is not on . Kengkengchichi a long time, and I have a good personal friend of the dealer before face with embarrassment speak the truth : The reason provided fabricated list , skip dealers fear factory direct service terminal , the terminal away.

    Dealer retail terminal building , usually arduous is difficult beyond words . What if the dealer has considerable wealth , with the amount of end customers and mutual dependence brunt occupy the most prominent position.

    In recent years, committed to brand building manufacturers, most of the marketing services tentacles extend to the end customer , from the simple pursuit of sales growth in the past , to the pursuit of quality improvement sales , pulling dealers do together Terminal Services. To put it bluntly , the brand has been burning in the flames of war terminal level ! End customer profiles, in such a context into focus.

    Manufacturers say : Dealers get terminal trust, rely on the manufacturer's brand and services, in order to ensure quality of service, the terminal directory pay up , we will for your terminal for them to do more , more direct , more detailed service , so that your market is more stable and better quality . Merchant thought: I get to be wealth , manufacturers are to you , and you direct management and services , and although it can promote development , but if someday replace me, that my efforts would not be wasted .

    I later found out this mentality in the dealer more or less widespread. Conflict on this issue between the manufacturers , seriously affecting the quality of terminal development , service and management , over time, the interests of both undue damage. In the end the problem , how to correct the errors and achieve win-win situation for manufacturers is critical !

    First, from the business perspective, an important indicator to consider is that your network is how to build this terminal is passively relying on manufacturers to brand development , or brand , driven by strong service to complement its own building ? Deep step that is your terminal is not on your services formed a dependency ? If yes, then you have this terminal who can not take away . On the contrary, most of the terminal is part of manufacturers , hidden in the directory where the terminal is also unreliable .

    Some merchants said in frustration , fear factory reason I took the terminal , it is because too strong brand strength , my service is relatively weak ah ; there are businesses that are complementary elements manufacturers , the lack of which factors are likely to cause the terminal free ; there are businesses even said he did not know in the end in mind , what is important to their service location or strength of the brand is important .

    Specializing in Shiyan Dongfeng Cummins parts Qi Jing 's view is that:

    1 To believe in the bulk market development, the distribution system is insurmountable , manufacturers is difficult , and there is no need to replace the dealer direct service terminal.

    2 any manufacturer , and hope in the market with the best distributors of development, just like all businesses want to get the most excellent brand manufacturers .

    3 Whether the relationship between businesses and end customers in what conditions , if they can clearly understand this relationship , to get this terminal network to become its own stable wealth , businesses only seize the important opportunity to bring the brand manufacturers , act quickly, spare no effort to improve the quality of services and terminal services , and constantly come up with new approaches , new projects , so your end customers more satisfied , more closely with each other , became the best end of the election! Only then will you be able to have enough of the right to speak for and so can you not afraid to manufacturers.

    4 businesses in terms of financial security force , service control, logistics performance , new product promotion strength , quality complain handling capacity must constantly strive to exceed the industry, leading the pursuit , the only way you can be worthy of the manufacturers.

    Dealers, only to establish itself as superior service brands, only possible through cooperation with the superior brand manufacturers together to create superior long-lasting market !

    Of course , in the factory level, avoiding and eliminating dealers shared concern for the terminal , is also vital work . After mercenary manufacturers made ​​certain achievements , once Diandaqike , ignoring the interests of dealers , will lose the trust of the market fundamentally terminals for damage is enormous, many brands have had blood in developing lessons .

    Manufacturers of business ethics is the foundation of the development of a lasting market ! Businesses are more mature eyes wide open staring at the factory , look at the manufacturer's business ethics standards. Caring for dealers, spare no effort to help dealers improve service quality, enhance the end customer tightness , is on the rise as the central task of building the brand channels .

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