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XCMG 100-ton mobile crane assembly line equipped with Cummins full electronically controlled engine

Recently, XCMG new generation 100-ton crane XCT130 car off the assembly line, the world's leading equipment manufacturers,XCMG for the airplane to introduce a number of the latest scientific and technological achievements, not only using a series of unique design of the chassis, more impressive is the flagship vehicle matching Cummins heavy-duty all-electric power ISM11 liter engine, with a view to the majority of users more cost-efficient, with plenty of power, safe and reliable products.

ISM11 Cummins heavy-duty diesel engines are world classic products, widely used in the global market, is a well proven model, ownership has more than one million units. ISM11 Cummins proprietary global leading Celect (pump nozzle) system, so that the injection pressure reaches 1800bar, higher than the industry mainstream engine above 200bar, good atomization, combustion more fully, the product of power and economy to combine ; all-electric control system optimizes the transient response and power output capacity of the product, to fully monitor engine operating conditions, automatic fault diagnosis, helping the driver to achieve rapid and effective product management; unique Jacobs cylinder brake system, It can deliver up to 326 horsepower braking performance, adequate protection of driving safety 100-ton truck crane, able to deliver greater value to customers.

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