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Yuchai boat movement’s first low 5RT-flex50DF dual fuel engine successfully shipping

August 25, the world's first commercial operation of 5RT-flex50DF marine low-speed dual-fuel engine Yuchai boat moving successfully completed shipped. A week later, the engine will reach the shipyard is located in Zhangjiagang, assembled in Zhejiang Huaxiang Hai Yun company's large LNG carriers.

The first station 5RT-flex50DF engine rated at 6000kW, entry-level CCS classification societies, is a two-stroke low-voltage dual-fuel engines in the first series production models. This type of host without any post-treatment measures to meet the International Maritime Organization (IMO) TierIII emission standards.

Last March, the ship moving Yuchai successfully obtained the first dual-fuel engine orders in the effort with the various units of the company, in February's first dual-fuel engine 5RT-flex50DF successfully completed assembly, in April and stable operation of the gas mode, 6 month passed the strict test, won the unanimous endorsement of the owner, the shipyard and the CCS, BV, DNV major classification societies.

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